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Arvin Sloane is the main antagonist villain from the television series known as Alias. though he switches back and forth from enemy to ally from time to time. He is a former CIA agent who becomes disillusioned and leaves the agency to help form the Alliance of Twelve, who are branded traitors of the country.

He was portrayed by Ron Rifkin.



His friend and colleague Jack Bristow also joins the Alliance, but later leaves and rejoins the CIA as an undercover agent, unbeknownst to Sloane. The Alliance forms SD-6, which many of its operatives (including Jack's daughter Sydney) believe is part of the CIA and Sloane is given the position of Director.

After Sydney figures out the truth from Jack upon the death of her fiance Daniel "Danny" Hecht on Sloane's orders, she becomes an undercover agent in SD-6 and develops an intense hatred for Sloane. Sloane's real quest throughout the series is to find the discovery that Prophet Milo Rambaldi made centuries ago through his works before the time of his death.

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