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Aryutta Katz is a character from the Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game. She is part of secondary antagonists, like Aine, Hyumina, and Luna.


Aryutta's outfit carries a cat motif, along with her having a tail and cat ears. She has a black and red dress under her open black jacket, and a yellow metal belt. On her arms she has red pauldrons with three spikes and black sleeves, and on her right arm she has a big red gauntlet with yellow circle designs. On her legs she has thigh-length boots, with red heels. A red bow is tied near the end of her tail.


Aryutta likes to be the center of attention, and likes to show off her cooking, especially the marron she makes. The interest at No.1 is shifting to women, and not food, which would be bad for them, and Aryutta is trying to prevent that from happening by spreading the word about her marron. She is also Maron Makaron's chief rival.


Aryutta fights with a whip, which she calls the Nyanda Whip (which can electrocute and therefore fry her opponent), and a sword (which may be used to help her cook as well). In addition to those weapons, she also uses her gauntlet for swift slash attacks on her opponent. Aryutta also has a more demonic form in which she becomes faster, her claws become sharper, and she can extend her tail to bind her opponents.

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