Asato Ichijo.

Asato Ichijo is a villain in Vampire Knight. He was Takuma's grandfather and head of the Vampire Council and was known as Ichio.


Though appearing to be a cold and cruel man, he showed some concern for his grandson Takuma, and said that he had wanted Takuma to be his successor in the Council. He also expressed intense dislike for the Purebloods, due to fear of their power over other vampires. His age and demeanor brings fear to many other vampires.

His taste in women is classy yet mischievious.


Asato Ichijo has the same coloured hair as his grandson Takuma Ichijo, pale blonde. But rather than having green eyes, his are Icy blue. Asato is said to be very old, but has the appearance of a man in his 40s. has the appearance of a man in his 40s.


  • He was the head of the most distinguished clan of aristocrats and one of the oldest vampires on the council. Asato made the Ichijo Group so large that today all human business transactions involve his company.

He wanted to become Kaname's guardian after the death of Kaname's parents, but Kaname did not accept. He has allowed Takuma to attend Cross Academy for the purpose of spying on Kaname.
Ichio visits the school to warn Takuma about his involvement with Kaname, warning him that Kaname threatens the regime of the council. Kaname and the other vampires pay their respects to Ichio.

Ichio is later revealed to be involved with the president of the hunter association. He invited Takuma to meet with the Shiki who has been taken control by Rido Kuran refering to him as the real ruler of the vampires.

After the destruction cause by Kaname, he faces Kaname and reveals he knows that Kaname is one of the ancestors. Ichio declares that he believed everything he did was right and claims that Kaname is the one at fault, before he can elaborate, Takuma interrupts them and says that he does not believe the ends justify the means and decides to end it for both of them and kills his grandfather.


Takuma Ichijo

Takuma Ichijo was his grandson and he intended to pass down the Senior Council to him once he passes away. He attempts to make Takuma spy on Kaname but the latter does not wish to do anything bad to his friend. In the wake of Rido's attack on Cross Academy, his grandson approaches him, siding with Kaname and ultimately kills him.

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran was under his care ever since his parents passed away. He wants to become Kaname's ward but the former refuses the offer. He is against the idea of Kaname's existence and the power he can wield over the rest of the vampire society.

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