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Ashad, also known as the Lone Cyberman, was a partially converted Cyberman from a Cyber-War that took place in the very far future.

He is the secondary antagonist of the twelfth series of Doctor Who, being a mentioned villain in Fugitive of the Judoon, the main antagonist of The Haunting of Villa Diodata and Ascension of the Cybermen and the secondary antagonist in The Timeless Children.

He was portrayed by Patrick O'Kane.



Originally human, Ashad initially had several children. Ashad offered himself up to join the ranks of the Cybermen, but was rejected, left partially converted, lacking an emotional inhibitor. Regarding himself as a "believer", he was committed to the Cyberman cause. His children joined the resistance to the Cybermen, so he slit their throats. After the Cyber-Army defeated in the Cyber-Wars, he took it upon himself to revive the Empire, as their champion. 

Fugitive of the Judoon

A group that called themselves The Alliance sent something back in time and space in an attempt to prevent the return of the Cybermen Empire. With the Cybermen hot on his tail, Captain Jack Harkness used a stolen spaceship to escape and made an attempt to warn The Doctor about the Lone Cyberman by trying to get her on board. Though in the end, he got her companions Graham, Yaz and Ryan instead. Nevertheless, he gave them the warning to not give it what he wanted as it would result in the revival of a fallen empire. Upon being sent back to 21st century Earth, Team Tardis gave The Doctor Jack's warning.

The Haunting of Villa Diodata

On a visit to Lake Geneva in 1816, The Doctor and her companions experience strange occurrences at the Villa Diodata which are the result of a being moving through time. The being reveals himself as the Lone Cyberman called Ashad who goes about finding the thing he needs. The thing in question is some Cyberium which one Percy Shelley had absorbed and was slowly killing him. The Doctor absorbed the Cyberium for herself in an attempt to save both Percy and to prevent what would happen in the future. But when Ashad threatens to destroy the planet, The Doctor reluctantly gives Ashad the Cyberium, citing that she would rather face the Cybermen head on than change history. With the Cyberium in tow, Ashad departs the Villa Diodata to revive the Cyber-Empire.

Ascension of the Cybermen

In the far future, Ashad takes it upon himself to be the Cyber-Leader and after cornering Ryan and Ethan, he and two fully converted Cybermen go into space. Although initally pursuing Graham and Yaz's group, he finds the ship they land on to be a Cybercarrier full of Cybermen in stasis and begins drilling into them to wake them up. He then leads them to the control deck just as Yaz manages to contact The Doctor and Ryan's group.

The Timeless Children

Yaz and Graham's group manage to escape the Cybermen with Ashad declaring that the Cybercarrier is theirs. The Master then makes contact to offer up the remains of the Time Lords on Galifrey to Ashad who curious, sets course for Galifrey with his army while leaving three soldier units to deal with the humans that remained on Earth (among them being disguised humans led by Graham and Yaz). Upon arrival, Ashad is greeted by The Master who offers up an alliance that lets his Cyber-army use Time Lord bodies and thus become immortal for a time which he finds appealing despite wanting a fully robotic army and all organic life deleted. The Master however wants the Cyberium inside Ashad to which he says that it stays as long as he lives. To that end, The Master uses his tissue compression eliminator to shrink and kill him and convinces the Cyberium to absorb into himself. Although Ashad was killed, the death particle inside him which is capable of wiping out all organic life, was still very active. Following the destruction of the Cybercarrier, The Doctor attaches Ashad to an explosive when she is invited to meet with The Master and the new CyberMasters (Time Lords converted into Cybermen). In the end, Ko Sharmus would be the one to detonate the Death Particle, destroying the CyberMasters and Ashad's remains. 


  • Ashad is so far the only known Cyberman to lack an emotional inhibitor as well as the only human that willingly offered himself up to be a Cyberman while others have given in out of fear or mind control.
  • Ashad's overall appearance is made up of several different varations of Cybermen:
    • His left arm resembles the Mondas and Mondasian colony ship's first Cybermen.
    • His lower legs resemble the Cybus-style Cybermen from an alternate universe.
    • His Cyber-suit resemble those associated with the Cyberiad.
  • Ashad is also one of at least two known Cybermen to only be partially converted with the other being Lisa Hallett.

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  • Ashad on the Pure Evil Wiki.


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