Ashan was a Minbari villain introduced in the Babylon 5 episode Therein All Honor Lies.

He was portrayed by Sean Gregory Sullivan.

Ashan was a member of the Third Fane of Chudomo, the same Minbari clan that Delenn's aide Lennier belonged to. Like Lennier, some of his family died when John Sheridan was forced to destroy the Minbari flagship Black Star.

After Sheridan was appointed commander of Babylon 5 in 2259, Ashan, some of his clan's elders, and another Minbari named Lavell entered in to a conspiracy to get the man they called Starkiller removed from command of B5. This was done without the approval of the Grey Council or the caste elders.

As part of the plan Lavell and Ashan had a human thief palm Sheridan's link. When Sheridan chased after the theif, Lavell attacked Sheridan, who was forced to kill Lavell in self defense. Ashan was the only witness to the attack. Ashan lied, stating that Sheridan killed Lavell after he surrendered. This left Sheridan with a major cloud hanging over his head, being suspected of murdering the Minbari.

When Ashan went to pay off the thief, Lennier followed and caught him paying the thief. Lennier demanded the truth from Ashan, but Ashan walked away. Later the instructions for Lavell's funeral came to Delenn, showing that Lavell was of the same clan as Ashan and Lennier. Additionally Ashan was recalled to the Minbari homeworld, which would ruin any chance Sheridan had to clear his name.

Ashan then went to Lennier to receive his final instructions before leaving for home. He told Ashan that he would confess that he was responsible for the plot in order to save honor for his clan. Ashan then admitted to the plot to Lennier, who was wearing a recording device. Once Ashan had revealed the plot he was arrested by Sheridan, Garibaldi, and Delenn.

Ashan was then taken in to custody. Sheridan decided to help Lennier and his clan save face, and asked Delenn to have Ashan confirm what had actually happened when Lavell attacked him. Delenn said she would, and promised that those Minbari who were responsible for the plot would not say anything less what they had done became public knowledge.