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Ashen Msaka is a supervillain appearing in the Extinctioners universe, one of the elite Hunters loyal to the Invasion Force she is a skilled animal trainer and combatant who specializes in the use of weapons that are based on traditonal African designs, for example the club most often seen in her hand is a Fine African North Nguni Tribal Weapon (Iwisa/Knobkerrie).

She is partnered with the Tracker known as Farsight and like all the Hunters her job is to prepare Alden for the "return" of humanity - via intimidation, kidnap and murder if necessary.

Like all Hunters she has been mutated by Dr. Burden to allow survival on Alden, as humans can no longer naturally survive on the planet - a side-effect of the mutation is that she has an anthropomorphic guise (allowing better infiltration of the planet).

she is last seen in Issue 19 conspiring with the rest of the Hunters to capture the escaped former-Invasion bio-weapon, Warfare, who has taken refuge with other escaped prisoners of the Invaders under the care of the fire-elemental known as Phenix - hinting at the beginnings of the inevitable war between Alden and the Invasion Force (of whom the Hunters would be among the front line).

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