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What's wrong, half-pint? You need a timeout?
~ Asher to Danica.

Asher Talos is a supporting antagonist in the 2004 film Blade: Trinity, the third and final installment of the Blade film trilogy.

He is the brother of vampire mistress Danica Talos, though Danica does not share authority with him and he is more of an underling to her. He is also one of the few who awakened Dracula to conspired with in order to kill Blade and take over the Vampire nation.

He was portrayed by Callum Keith Rennie, who also played Tyler McKnight in Smallville, John Wakefield in Harper's Island, Karl Malus in Marvel's Jessica Jones, Jon Valor in DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Brad Halloran in Jigsaw.


Early life

Not much known about Asher's past other than he is Danica's brother, who was also a Catholic woman. Some centuries ago, he and his sister were attacked by some unknown vampire and were sired. Later, they embrace their dark sides and formed an empire and brought another vampire named Jarko Grimwood. As they formed their new corporation they started working with other vampires.

Blade: Trinity

Asher aided Danica with a small group of vampires to awakening the vampire progenitor Drake in order to use his blood for enhancing the vampire genome and to kill the Daywalker Blade.

After Blade is captured, Danica and her group arrived at the police station to kill or torture him. But failed to do to Hannibal and Abigal came and rescued him. They managed to kill some of the vampires and escaped from them in the process.

He is eventually killed during the final battle of the film when he is shot by Abigail Whistler.


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