I am a Spellbinder. I can do what I like.
~ Ashka

Ashka is the main antagonist of the Australian-Polish science-fiction television series Spellbinder, and its sequel Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord. She is portrayed by Heather Mitchell.


Ashka is a selfish, ruthless, arrogant and cunning person. Due to her position as a Spellbinder, Ashka believed that she could do what she liked. She is an excellent liar, being able to create lies on the spot.

Ashka is also skilled at blackmail. In Spellbinder, she blackmails Paul into making her gunpowder by endangering Riana and her family and by also threatening to make his own life unpleasant if he refused at help them. Ashka was also stubborn. When Paul (the protagonist of the first series) told Ashka that he was from another world, Ashka dismissed this claim as "ridiculous" and "impossible". Only after Paul showed Ashka his belongings did Ashka realize that Paul was telling the truth. When Gryvon revealed that the Old Spellbinders were responsible for the darkness, Ashka refused to believe this, despite Gryvon reading this from a book retrieved from the old Spellbinder's castle. Ashka, also does not believe in superstition, which gives her an advantage in Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord. When John and Sun trick Sharak (the leader of the barbarians) into thinking that he killed Sun and that his ghost is now haunting the palace, Ashka was able to see through this prank.

Ashka is also shown to have a cowardly side when she must deal with the consequences of her actions. In Spellbinder, after Correon exposes her crimes to the Regents, Ashka escapes the castle to avoid punishment and abandons Gryvon (her accomplice) when he is captured.

Despite her ruthless nature, Ashka is shown to have a sense of humor. When Sharak accused her of being a spy for the Dragon Lord, Ashka told him "if I wanted to spy on you, I would've changed myself into a bird and dropped dung on your head while I was doing it.", much to the amusement of one of Sharak's warriors.


Early life

(Ashka & Kathy Morgan wait outside Bain's yacht.) (Kathy: Ashka. Were you happy as a child?) (Ashka turns to face Kathy) That's none of your concern. (Kathy: Well, I was just trying to figure out what made you like you are.) I grew up with no family. All my life, I've had to look after myself. (Kathy: Lots of people grow up like that, but they don't turn out totally selfish.) The only opportunities you get in life are the ones you make for yourself.
~ While Ashka and Kathy wait outside Bain's yacht, Ashka tells Kathy about her past.

Little is known about Ashka's early life. In Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord, Ashka told Kathy that she grew up without a family. Whether or not this is true is unknown. Later on, Ashka became a Spellbinder. It is possible that she may have been an apprentice to another Spellbinder.


Spellbinder Ashka

Ashka, during her days as a Spellbinder.

Ashka first appeared in the marketplace at Rivertown, when she arrived on a horse. Due to her position as a Spellbinder, everyone kneeled as Ashka passed. The moment she got off her horse, a little girl ran towards Ashka and hugged her. Ashka demanded to know to whom the child belonged to. When the girl's mother revealed herself, Ashka told the girl she could go back to her mother, which she did. Ashka also told the girl's mother that her daughter was "a beautiful child". She then told the crowd that the Marauders (a group of raiders) had tried to end their world (actually, a solar eclipse), and that, by casting a spell, she brought back the sun. Motivated by Gryvon (Ashka's apprentice), the crowd chanted "Praise the Spellbinder". As the villagers resumed their activities, Ashka and Gryvon went into a guarded tent. In her tent, Ashka was then heard talking to the Clayhill Summoner, who told her that he had encountered a Marauder who stole his eyestone. The Summoner also reveals a strange bag he took from the Marauder. Unknown to the Summoner and Ashka, the "Marauder" was actually a boy named Paul Reynolds, who had arrived from another parallel world. (Where Am I?)

First Defeat

Due to her crimes, the Regents stripped Ashka of her position as a Spellbinder. Ashka (along with Gryvon, her apprentice and accomplice) was exiled to a labor camp.

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord



During her days as a Spellbinder in the first series, Ashka had equipment used by the Spellbinders.

Power suit

The power suit is the pinnacle of Spellbinder technology. It is powered by a set of power stones, crystals which can be recharged in the castle complex. By rubbing the cuffs of the suit together, a Spellbinder can generate and discharge a power bolt (a ball of electricity). Ashka used the suit not just as a defensive weapon, but also to intimidate others. Ashka lost her suit in Paul's world, when Paul destroyed the suit with the hydraulic shovel of a garbage truck.


The eyestone is a two- way communication device, which functions similar to a walkie- talkie. Only the Regents, Spellbinders and village Summoners are allowed an eyestone.

New Powersuit

After the destruction of her first powersuit, Ashka enlisted the help of Dr. Brian Reynolds, Paul's scientist father to build a new, stronger powersuit, so she could rule the Spellbinders once she returned to her world.



(Ashka, Gryvon and the Summoner come out of their tent, and see the flying toy Zander (the native boy) made with Paul's help. Ashka sees the flying toy, and throws a powerbolt at it. The toy bursts into flames) Who made that? (Everyone looks at Zander, who runs off. Ashka throws a powerbolt at Zander, who falls over.) It is forbidden to build new things! (A guard marches towards Zander and holds him) This boy has broken the Spellbinder law. He must be punished! (to the guard holding Zander) Bring him to my tent.
~ Ashka apprehends Zander, a native boy, after he breaks the law.
The Regents are fools. They have let the people lose respect for the Spellbinders.
~ Ashka reveals her true opinion of the Regents to Paul, and the same speech which reveals her true colours to the Regents.
Tell me how to make gunpowder. (Paul: So, you want to use the gunpowder against the Regents. And then, you want to rule the Spellbinders.) Very perceptive.
~ Ashka orders Paul to teach her how to make gunpowder. Paul, much to Ashka's surprise, correctly guesses Ashka's true intentions for the gunpowder. Correon also uses this conversation to expose Ashka's treachery to the Regents.
(Ashka & Gryvon ride a flying ship to Clayhill, after learning that the Summoner has captured Paul.) Summoner, I will be in Clayhill shortly. If the boy escapes, I will burn your village. (The Spellbinder piloting the flying ship, looks at Ashka when he hears this.) (Spellbinder (shocked): You cannot do that!) (Ashka turns to face the Spellbinder) That is none of your concern. (Ashka speaks into her eyestone) Hold the girl and her family as well. They are enemies of the Spellbinders and must be banished!
~ Ashka communicates with the Clayhill Summoner, learning that he has captured Paul. Ashka also orders the Summoner to detain Riana's family, intending to banish them.
(At the Clayhill summoning tower, the portal to Paul's world opens. Paul, wearing Gryvon's powersuit steps forward, but Ashka appears in front of Paul, wearing her own powersuit. Riana watches this from the surrounding trees.) (Paul: I won't let you stop me, Ashka.) (laughs) (Paul discharges a powerbolt from Gryvon's powersuit.) (laughs.) Do you think you can defeat a Spellbinder? (Paul throws the powerbolt at Ashka, who dodges it. Laughing, Ashka discharges a powerbolt from her own suit. Paul throws a second powerbolt at Ashka, who dodges it again.) (Ashka throws her powerbolt at Paul. The powerbolt hits Paul, who collapses.) You're never going home, Paul. Ever. (Ashka throws a powerbolt at the Summoning Tower. Sparks fly from the tower. Ashka has an evil smile on her face) (On the ground, Paul rises to face Ashka.) (Paul: The video camera's on its way to the Regents, Ashka!) (Ashka looks at Paul, when she hears this.) (Paul: When they see the tape, you're finished!) (Ashka looks at the open portal, and turns around to face Paul) Well if I'm finished in this world, I'll go to yours! (More sparks fly from the Summoning Tower. Ashka turns around; the portal to Paul's world is still open. Ashka marches towards it. Riana throws a bola, which tangles around Ashka's legs. She trips over.) (Paul rises and sees Riana.) (Riana: Go, Paul! Quickly!) (Paul runs past Ashka, and through the portal, back into his own world.)
~ At the Clayhill Summoning Tower, Ashka tries to stop Paul from returning to his world. Due to Riana's intervention, she fails to stop Paul, who returns to his own world.
(At the Clayhill summoning tower, Paul returns to his world. Ashka rises, but Riana steps in front of her, in front of the portal to Paul's world.) (Furious, Ashka discharges a powerbolt.) Get out of my way! (On the other side of the portal, Paul watches this. He pulls Riana through the portal & to his world, just as Ashka throws a powerbolt.) (At the Clayhill summoning tower, Ashka turns around, as several loud bangs issue from the tower, which she damaged earlier.) (Ashka turns around, the doorway to Paul's world is shrinking.) NO! (The doorway closes.)
~ Paul takes Riana to his world, just as the doorway fails, because Ashka had damaged the summoning tower.
(At Clayhill, Ashka confronts Maran, Riana's mother.) Your husband is an enemy of the Spellbinders. (Maran: He is a good man.) Tell me where he is. (Maran says nothing.) Tell me or I will burn your cottage! (Maran: I don't know where he is, and I wouldn't tell you if I did!) (Ashka throws a powerbolt at Riana's family cottage, setting the roof ablaze.) (Maran: No!) (Maran hugs her children and bursts into tears.) (to the villagers) This whole village shows disrespect to the Spellbinders! If Bron is not caught within a week, all of Clayhill will be burned to the ground!
~ Ashka burns Riana's family's cottage, after Maran (Riana's mother) refuses to tell Ashka where Bron (Riana's father) is.
(In the forest around Clayhill, Gryvon encounters Ashka.) (Gryvon: The Spellbinders are still looking for you. If they catch you, you're banished!) That's why I'm going to Paul's world. I know how to do it, but I need your help. (Gryvon: No, I'm in enough trouble as it is.) Are you going to let those ignorant villagers treat you like a servant for the rest of your life? You're better than them. (Gryvon: Yes, but Correon said there was a chance I could be an apprentice again.) Forget Correon. There is power in Paul's world that will make me invincible. When I get back, I will have knowledge that will make the Spellbinders my servants. You can't lose, Gryvon. If I succeed, you'll rule beside me. And if I don't, no one will know what you've done.
~ Ashka persuades Gryon to help her visit Paul's world, promising that he would not be caught.
(Riana follows Ashka into the forest after seeing her steal her powersuit. Riana hears something behind her. Ashka is behind her, wearing her powersuit.) Don't make a sound. Now move. (Riana moves in the direction Ashka is pointing.)Move!(Moments later, Ashka leads Riana deeper into the forest, to the outside of a cave. Riana stops, but Ashka shoves her) In there! (Ashka marches Riana towards the cave. Riana tries to make a run for it, but Ashka grabs her) In! (Riana: Let me go!) (Ashka leads Riana into the cave.) (Inside the cave, Ashka lights a candle. Holding it, she circles Riana) Now, tell me everything you know about Paul's world. (Riana: I didn't see much. I wasn't there long.) But you told Correon that everything is faster and more powerful. (Riana looks at Ashka, who smiles.) That's right, I've been following you ever since you arrived. (Riana: Paul's world is huge. I hardly saw any of it.) What about these thinking computers, how do they work? (Riana: It depends on what software you have.) I don't understand. What do they look like. Do they have to be fed? (Riana: They're not alive) Could I carry one? (Riana: You can't go to Paul's world.) And why not?(Riana runs out of the cave, with Ashka chasing after her. Outside, Ashka grabs Riana.) (Riana: Help!) You're not going to stop me this time, girl!
~ Ashka kidnaps Riana & interrogates her for information on her visit to Paul's world.
(Correon: Ashka!) (Correon appears, wearing his powersuit) (Ashka shoves Riana out of the way, and generates a spark from her powersuit.) Out of my way, old man! I've already defeated you in combat before! (Correon: Only because you cheated.)
~ Ashka attempts to challenge Correon again.
(While exploring the ruins of the old Spellbinder's castle with Gryvon, Ashka sees several skeletons) So, these are the old Spellbinders? (laughs) They don't look so powerful now.
~ Ashka sees the remains of the old Spellbinders, which she and Gryvon explore the ruins of the old Spellbinder's castle.
(While in the old Spellbinder's castle, Gryvon finds a book, which he shows to Ashka) (Gryvon: It shows how to build power suits and flying ships.) I'll take this back to Paul's world. Their scientists will be able to improve these designs with their computers. When I come back, no one will be able to stand against me. I'll rule the Spellbinders!
~ Along with Gryvon, Ashka plans to return to Paul's world, where with the help of Paul's scientist father, she will build a new powersuit, which will help her rule the Spellbinders.
You should have stayed in Clayhill, Riana!
~ Ashka and Gryvon trap Riana in the ruins of the old Spellbinder's castle, after she overhears their plans.
Don't be a fool, Correon. The Spellbinders will lose their power.
~ Ashka's last words, when Correon decides to share the Spellbinder's knowledge with the people of their world.

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord

(At the labour camp, Gryvon spills a bucket of fish on the feet of Baron, a guard.) (Baron: You idiot!) (Gryvon: I'm very sorry, Baron! Let me clean it up!) (With a cloth, Gryvon cleans the mess.) (Kathy and Mek see this) (Kathy: Let's make a break for it!) (Kathy & Mek try to run off, but Ashka approaches them.) You'll never get past the guards on your own. (Kathy: Why should we trust a prisoner?) Because you have no choice... and because I believe you are from another world. (Kathy: You do?) It has happened before. A boy came to this world. He knew things no one else knew. The Regents wanted his knowledge, so they captured him and took him to the castle. He has never been seen again. (Mek: Why would you want to help us?) My name is Ashka. I was a Spellbinder once. I tried to help the boy, but the Regents became very angry and made me a slave. They can be very cruel. If I help you escape this world, I want you to take me and my friend with you. (Baron: Ashka, get back to work! (to Gryvon) You too!) Will you take us? (Mek nods in agreement) Get ready, it won't be long.
~ Ashka convinces Mek and Kathy to let her help them escape the labour camp. Ashka also asks them to take her and Gryvon with them.
(After Aya surrenders, Ashka confronts Aya.) (Aya: I trusted you. And, you betrayed me.) Then you were a fool. You don't deserve to be the Dragon Lord. I will be a much better ruler.
~ Ashka confronting Aya, after she surrenders.
(After Sharak takes her powersuit, Ashka is imprisoned in a room along with Mek and Carl) You'll regret this, Sharak! (Mek: You brought him here! You're responsible for what has happened. Four hundred years of civilization- gone!) Stop your whining! (Carl walks towards Ashka) (Carl: You don't have your powersuit anymore, Ashka. (angrily) Where's my children?!) I don't know and I don't care! (Ashka walks to the other side of the room)
~ Ashka argues with Mek and Carl, after Sharak takes her powersuit and imprisons her with Mek and Carl.
(Ashka is sulking in the room, where she is imprisoned. The door opens, and Kathy and Aya enter) What do you two want? (Aya: We need your help.) And if I give it? (Aya: Then I promise you safe passage from this world.) What do you need me to do? (Aya looks at Kathy) (Kathy: We want you to marry Sharak.) (Ashka is surprised by this.)
~ Kathy and Aya want Ashka to marry Sharak.
I'd rather marry your horse.
~ Ashka to Sharak, after she reveals herself to Sharak, at the wedding.


  • Several times in Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord, Ashka references the events of the first series:
    • When Ashka encounters Kathy and Mek at the labour camp, she tells them her own version of the events of the first series. Ashka lies that when Paul came to her world, he was captured by the Regents (who wanted Paul's knowledge for themselves) and taken to their castle. Ashka also lies that she lost her position as a Spellbinder when she tried to help Paul escape.
    • Before escaping the Land of the Dragon Lord by the trans-dimensional boat, Ashka tells Kathy "I look forward to seeing you world again, Kathy". This references her visit from the first series.
    • At the barbarian's campsite, Ashka saves John from Sharak, by claiming him as her "apprentice", though she uses him as an accomplice. This is a nod to when Gryvon was her apprentice and accomplice in the first series.
  • Along with Gryvon, Ashka is the only character from the original series to reappear in Land of the Dragon Lord.

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