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Good night, Daddy
~ Ashley's note to Ellison when she drugs him.
I like that you made the movies longer. They're better this way.
~ Ashley after seeing that her father found the Extended Cuts.

Ashley Oswalt is the secondary antagonist of the 2012 horror film Sinister. She is the young daughter of the film's protagonist Ellison Oswalt, and one of the many children to fall under Bagul's influence.

She was portrayed by Clare Foley.


Ashley is the pre-teen daughter of true crime author Ellison Oswalt, who moves into a home in which a family called the Stevensons were murdered years before. Unknown to the Oswalts, the Stevensons and several other families were murdered by the followers of a pagan deity called Bagul, who videoed each murder on Super 8 rolls and stashed them in the attic.

Ellison soon finds the videos, and discovered through research that each one of those families had a child who disappeared. After Ellison finds them, Ashley and her brother Trevor begin acting strangely. This includes Ashley painting a picture of a girl named Stephanie, the missing daughter of the Stevensons, and telling her mother that Ellison is writing a book about the Stevenson murders.

Eventually, the family are scared away by the ghosts of the missing children and move back into their old house. Ellison has a skype chat with Professor Jonas and discovers that Bughuul is able to take control of children and use them for his own ends before eating their souls. He then discovers the Extended Cuts of the snuff films made by his followers, and sees that in each case the missing child was responsible for killing the family.

On making this discovery, Ellison begins feeling woozy and realises that Ashley drugged him. Ashley then comes in and thanks him for finding the Extended Cuts. She then takes a camcorder and axe and butchers her entire family. Bughuul appears and takes her into his domain, presumably feeding on her soul.


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