You're just in time to see my new toy, I call it "Ashton's Super Weapon of Death!
~ Ashton

I'm tired of looking at it
~ Ashton about blowing up the Eiffel Tower

He is played by Jerome Pradon, which is funny because he picks on Paris first.

Ashton is the main villain in the movie Simon Sez and he is an arms dealer in conflict with Interpol. He has kidnapped a woman from her father by bribing her father to make him do it. Ashton calls himself "just your average psychotic criminal genius" and he acts over the top and goofy. Ashton has bribed the woman's father who is an Interpol agent for his new microchip to make his "Super Weapon of Death" so the woman doesn't even know she's been kidnapped. Ashton doesn't take Simon seriously and doesn't take anything seriously. He holds the woman hostage after kidnapping her for real and he finally takes the microchip Simon has and he uses it to build his machine. He says he will start with France by blowing up the Eiffel Tower but then Simon and Interpol come in and fight him. Simon throws Ashton onto an electrical generator causing him to have a very comedic over-the-top death when he blows up his own device by projecting electricity from his finger.

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