Ashura is the main antagonist and the second to last boss of the 1994 Super Nintendo video game Skyblazer. He is an underling of Raglan, the final boss of the game.


Prior to the events of the game, Ashura was called upon by his master Raglan to summon his warlords and take over the overworld. At the start of Skyblazer, Ashura was attempting to kidnap the young sorcerers Arianna to make her into a servant of Raglan. This kidnapping triggered Sky, the hero of Skyblazer, to intervene and save Arianna. When Sky confronted Ashura, Ashura effortlessly disposed of him and flew away with Arianna tucked in his under the right hand.

Later, Ashura is again confronted by Sky in Raglan's Citadel. Ashura, who believed Sky was killed in their last encounter, was at first confused, though quickly regains composure and promised that he 'won't make the same mistake twice.' When Ashura and Sky first initiate their battle, Ashura is holding a shield that makes him impervious to any of Sky's standard attacks, though it is destroyed when it is hit by Sky's newly gained Fiery Phoenix form. The sky was ultimately victorious in their battle and Ashura got decapitated when he lost. Ashura was presumed dead but was the old man who had aided Sky through his adventure quickly realized that Ashura was still alive. When called out, Ashura summoned his master Raglan to take care of Sky.   


Ashura appears to have a somewhat arrogant personality. When he defeated Sky in their first encounter, he calls Sky a "cur" and exclaims that he wasn't even worth his effort. Later, in their second encounter, Ashura compares Sky to a small insect being crushed underfoot.


Holding the title as the Lord of War, one can presume that he has a semblance of tactical prowess. Ashura has the ability of flight. While able to fly with the wings on his back, he was also been shown to fly independently of them, as his head flew to a higher elevation after decapitated. He can produce fireballs out of the palms of his hands, these fireballs will follow the target and dissipate when hit or if they go off screen. He has also shown to be immortal when he survived having his head cut off.   

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