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Makuu Prison Warden Ashurada, simply known as Ashurada, is the warden of the Zangyack Empire's prison in Makuu Space and the main antagonist of the crossover film Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchu Keiji Gavan: The Movie.

He was voiced by Shiro Sano.


A descendant of Don Horror, Ashurada inherited his blood and at some point joined the Zangyack, becoming the chief of their prison in Makuu Space. Disguising himself as the Space Police Chief Weeval, Ashurada infiltrated the Galactic Union Patrol and sent Gavan after the Gokaigers. However, Gavan had suspicions about Weeval and, after capturing the Gokaigers, set them free to draw Ashurada out.

Congratulating Gavan on revealing his true identity, Ashurada reveals Gavan Bootleg, a robot fake Space Sheriff Ashurada modeled after Gavan, and sends him after the Space Sheriff and Gokaigers. However, Gavan stays behind to hold of Gavan Bootleg and Ashurada's squads of Gormin in order to buy the Gokaigers time to escape.

Capturing Gavan, Ashurada jailed him in Zangyack's Makuu Space prison and had Gavan Bootleg torture him in order to catalyze the blood of Don Horror so Makuu Space would expand and overtake the universe. However, Gavan was rescued by the Gokaigers, who also free all of the other inmates in Ashurada's prison, which include Jealousto, Vancuria, Shizuka of the Wind, Gekkou of Illusions, Yogostein, Kitaneidas and Kegalesia.

After the Gokaigers destroy the prison, Ashurada fights them while Gavan Bootleg duels Gavan. As Gavan destroys Gavan Bootleg, the Gokaigers defeat Ashurada with a Shooting Star. However, Ashurada before he can die enlarges himself and causes the Makuu Space to begin to overtake Earth. In response, the Gokaigers form GokaiOh to fight him, with Gokai Red and Gavan finishing Ashurada off by performing the Gavan Marvelous Dynamic with their combined attacks.


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