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The Asian Mafia are the antagonistic group of the first installment of the Maximum Ninja series on Newgrounds. They are a criminal organization based somewhere in Japan. For an unknown reason they kidnapped John Kingston, the best friend of the series protagonist, the Ninja.

Aside from Arashikage, they appear to mainly be comprised of Grunts. A Ninja does show up in Maximum Ninja 2, but it is unknown if he was working for them or the Sguard.


Maximum Ninja

For unknown reasons, they kidnapped John Kingston; prompting his best friend, the Ninja, to try and rescue him. The Ninja fought his way through several Asian Mafia Grunts before reaching the place where John and the Asian Mafia's leader, Arashikage, were. The Ninja fought and killed Arashikage and succeeded in freeing John.

Maximum Ninja 2

Several Asian Mafia Grunts fought the Ninja and John as they made their way out. Arashikage was also revived by Steve as a zombie, but he didn't last long before he was killed by the Ninja and John again. Later, two grunts tailed the Ninja and John on motorbikes as the two made their way to the airport. A few more grunts were seen at the airport, but were ultimately killed by the two protagonists.

Maximum Ninja 3

The Asian Mafia, aside from their leader Arashikage, does not make any appearance in Maximum Ninja 3, as they were replaced by the Sguard as the main antagonists.


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