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Finish your rice before you go!
~ Asian Mother

Asian Mother is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Mychonny and Yourchonny series, She was first introduced in Angry Asian Parents pt.2

She is portrayed by John Luc a.k.a Mychonny along with rest of the family's characters.


Asian Mother’s background was never revealed until in “HOW I MET YOUR MUDDA (A Refugee Story) She was captured during the Vietnam War and was sent to a Refugee Camp where she met the Asian Dad. At first, she had no interest in him and didn’t fall for his adventages, but when they talked for the first time, She took a liking to him straight away. After the war ended, The Asian Mother had to go back to China while her future husband went to Australia. Asian Dad usually sended her letters, asking if he wanted to Marry, to which she didn’t agree at first, but later accepted his Marriage Proposal.

In the Videos, Asian Mother is a very rude parent who often is often aggressive to her son (Chonny) and insults him by using phrases with profanity. She also blames him but mostly he didn't do wrong at all, calling him names. She regularly scrounge her son's pay check from work so she can go on holiday alone and threatens to hurt him with a meat cleaver.

She also has a strained relationship with her Husband (Asian Dad), as they both argue and fight a lot for various reasons.





  • The part where she says "I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG!!!" is possibly a reference to Roal Dahl's "Matilda". She might be based on the character Mr Wormwood.

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