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Do you understand, boy? Someone has to do it. Not a hero, not a god...Just someone.
~ To Thorfinn.
That's only a nickname. Do you want to know my real name, the one given to me by my mother? LUCIUS ARTORIUS CASTUS. AND I am the rightful king of Britannia.
Haven't you given a thought...To what you're going to live for...After I'm dead, Thorfinn? Ha Ha... You haven't, have you? You're hopeless, you know that? Move on, Thorfinn. Don't hang on...To this petty bullshit your entire life...You've got to move on...Go further...You are the son of Thors...So venture beyond the world he saw. That is...your true battle. Be a true warrior...son of...Thors.
~ Askeladd's final words to Thorfinn.

Askeladd is an antagonist of Vinland Saga. He is the captain of a viking pirate band who killed Thorfinn's father, Thors, with underhanded tactics after losing to him in a duel. However, he ends up becoming Thorfinn's boss when he joins the group in order to train, hoping to one day be capable of fighting and defeating Askeladd in a duel to avenge his father.

He was voiced by Naoya Uchida, who also voiced Madara Uchiha.


I'm nothing...but a Viking.
~ To Canute


I hate warriors. Especially Norseman.
~ To Canute and Thorfinn.

Askeladd was illegitimately born Lucius Artorius Castus to a Norse Viking father, Olaf, and a Welsh noble woman, Lydia, who had been captured and taken as his slave. When she became of ill health, Lucius had to work as a helper at a smithy and stables to provide for them, which is where he earned the nickname "Askeladd", as his work constantly left him covered in ashes, soot, and animal dung. By the time Askeladd was eleven, Lydia had a mental breakdown and hallucinated that Olaf was Artorius, the legendary Roman hero whom Lucius was named after.

Before he could kill her, Lucius grabbed a sword and evenly countered his father despite having no sort of training, causing Olaf to recognize his innate sword talent and accept him as a legitimate son. He lived with his father and half-brothers for two years, until one night, he killed Olaf in his sleep for his mistreatment of his mother Lydia, and framed one of his siblings for the murder, allowing Askeladd to inherit the property when he was fourteen.

After this, Askeladd became a viking and later a captain of his own band of viking mercenaries despite secretly hating his kinsman, when about nineteen years later, he is hired by Floki to kill Thors Snorresson, a Jomsviking who deserted his army after realizing the horrors of war. Though Askeladd and his men are non-lethally defeated by Thors in combat, Askeladd has his archers fire upon Thors, killing him in front of his six year old son, Thorfinn.


You are, Bjorn. My one...and only friend.
Only a fool gives in to rage, screams his bloody head off, and waves his weapon about. It's like nobody around here...has ever heard of grace or beauty.
Hmph. Why is it...that I always run out of luck in the worst situations?
He hasn’t gone mad. He’s putting on an act. He just chose to save both me and Wales. He’s only feigning madness in order to take the blame for killing the king.
~ Canute on Askeladd's performance.
Is this the first time you've run a man through...Prince?...Well Done.
~ To Canute.



  • Askeladd shared similarities with Ri Boku and Kan Ki from Kingdom.
  • While he never takes a martial role in warfare, Ri Boku is one of the strongest hand-to-hand combatants in the series.
  • Ri Boku is one of the youngest Great Generals in the series as he's around his mid 30s to early 40s.