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Aslan and Jadis are the main antagonists of the short horror story The Problem of Susan written by Neil Gaiman as his response to the fate of Susan in the final book of the Narnia series.


The short story follows Professor Hastings (who is heavily implied to be Susan herself) who researches children's fantasy literature. One day, she receives a visit from a young journalist named Greta Campion who relays to her the controversial ending of the final novel in the Chronicles of Narnia series The Last Battle in which Susan was the sole survivor of her family having been denied passage into Aslan's Country after her siblings and parents were killed in a train wreck. Hastings reveals that, much like Susan, her family was killed in a train wreck and ponders whether Susan had to identify the bodies of her family casually mentioning how her brother was decapitated upon impact.

As a result of these tragedies, Hastings questions how any loving god would allow such cataclysm. At the same time, she felt at peace at having been locked out from that fate. Despite assuring Greta that they could probably converse more on the infamous Narnia ending, Hastings dies in her sleep having dreamed about Mary Poppins and meeting God who informs her that he did not create her for she was Mary Poppins.

Throughout the short story, Hastings has a recurrent nightmare featuring Aslan and the evil Jadis, a false ruler of Narnia who had cursed the land with a hundred years of an endless winter. The Pevensie children see the two having a private conversation about something until the two come to an agreement. Jadis transforms Peter and Edmund into twisted abominations while Aslan mauls Susan devouring all her body parts except for her head and one of her hands. However, Aslan eats Lucy more slowly likely because she was always his favorite disciple.

Susan is forced to watch Aslan and the White Witch fornicate and when the two conspirators had completed their session, Aslan returns and swallows Susan's head.

The dream sequences are meant to be seen through the eyes of Susan: far from being an all-loving god, Susan instead reinterprets Aslan as being a sadistic monster who betrayed her by denying her entry into Narnia. Greta would come to the same realization at the end having dreamed the nightmarish scenario.


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