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Hunt each other and fight to the death, until only one of you remains! Make use of the unholy ritual weapon, for unlike any other, its power shall break the bonds of immortality! The most powerful of my servants will be honored, For I shall claim his body for my return!Asmodai's message to all the Reapers

Asmodai is the overarching antagonist in the casual, adventure game series Enigmatis, developed and published by Artifex Mundi.


Asmodai is a muscular demon with hooves and a tail. He has three different heads, all of them possessing glowing red eyes. His center head bears a resemblance to that of a man while his right head looks like a bull and his left head looks like a ram.


Much of Asmodai's personality remains unknown. Though he gifted his faithful followers with immortality, Asmodai seemingly sees the Reapers as nothing more than tools to use for his resurrection.



In the beginning, there were twelve Reapers, ancient spirits of the cruelest and foulest ilk. Though their dark rituals, the Reapers spread evil, despair, death. Through these atrocious deeds, the Reapers summoned and served their master, archdemon Asmodai, the strongest and most powerful being in the pits of Hell, who wreaked havoc through the world, bringing terror and destruction. In reward for their faith, Asmodai granted the Reapers unnatural skills. By casting a part of his own life force into their hearts, he gave them strength, power, and above all, immortality.

Village after village fell victim to the wrath of Asmodai and the Reapers. In fear of this threat, terrified and defenseless people prayed to God for help. And, it came to pass that the Lord heard their call and sent down the mighty archangel Raphael to stand against Asmodai and the Reapers. Raphael challenged Asmodai and a great duel came to pass between them. From this battle, Raphael pieced the heart of Asmodai and came away victorious.

Though Asmodai was slain, the Reapers survived and would never cease trying to resurrect their fallen master. Knowing this, Raphael absorbed Asmodai's soul, becoming both its guardian, and a living prison. This desperate act weakened Raphael greatly, but made the resurrection of Asmodai nearly impossible. Enraged, the Reapers attacked Raphael before he could regain his strength, using a cursed ritual dagger given to them by Asmodai to imprison the archangel in a tomb of ice that only the dagger itself could open. The Reapers hoped that in time, they would learn the method of extracting their master.

In his last instant of freedom, Raphael laid his exhausted gaze upon a young man hiding in the distant shadows, speaking directly into his heart so that his message could not be overheard. Raphael stated that the cursed ritual dagger must never return and his tomb must never be opened. Raphael imposed this duty on the young man and on each firstborn of his kin. This young man, the Chosen One, gathered his followers and built a monastery on the slope of mountain known as Karkhala where Raphael's tomb lay in order to guard it. Knowing that they were no match for the Reapers, the order of guardians prayed for strength in secrecy. God sent the order instructions to build a sacred gate where Raphael's tomb would lay behind and that only the touch of one of the Chosen could open, uncompelled. The Chosen gathered all the feathers that had fallen from Raphael's wings during his battle with Asmodai. From those pieces of Raphael's power, a beast was born, the deadly and ever watchful "Wrath of God" who would protect the monastery.

Meanwhile, The Reapers who were stripped of their power, were forced to escape into hiding. Each to his own way now, spread around all the far sides of the world, in the pits of their shelters, the Reapers would secretly continue their evil deeds. Centuries passed, in the depths of their hideaways, the Reapers waited until eventually the time came when in their hearts they heard their master's call again. Asmodai spoke to his servants who were scattered across the world, all of them received the same message; to hunt each other and fight to the death, using the cursed ritual dagger to break their immortality, until only one remains, for the last Reaper remaining would be the one Asmodai uses for his resurrection.

The great hunt began and the Reaper who possessed the ritual dagger had the advantage over the others, immediately becoming the first aggressor. However, bearing the artifact of desire, that same Reaper would become the most hunted prey. While some of the Reapers would work alone, others would temporarily join forces. Some would prefer to seek shelter and wait, while others kept seeking and hunting. Centuries passed, and through murder, treason and death, the ritual dagger would pass from hand to hand. With each Reaper slain, Asmodai was closer and close to achieving his goal, for the fading life force of each victim would be transferred, making the slayer grow in power and preparing the host for Asmodai to be reborn. Eventually, only two of the twelve Reapers remained, the Preacher and the Raven.


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