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The Aspect of Scorn is a seasonal villain found in DC Universe Online and acts as the demonic counterpart of the Aspect of Devotion - she is the champion of Circe and exists to aid the Imps in spreading scorn across the world so that Circe will triumph and scorn can rule the hearts of mortals.

The Aspect of Scorn can be seen at one end of a street-wide war between Cherubs and Imps to try and round up Fickle Valentines, if lured close enough to the Aspect of Scorn these Fickle Valentines are greeted with a rain of imp-arrows that soon hardens their hearts.

The Aspect of Scorn may be a demon but she doesn't sport the usual traits of an Imp (female or otherwise) and instead manifests as a tall woman dressed in red with a powerful personality - she stands next to a shrine devoted to Scorn and decorated with a gigantic Heart Of Scorn symbol and guarded by a troop of Imps.

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