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Ah, then let me enlighten you as to the existence of a certain fiend-a titan that travels about swallowing up all life in its path. You may be asking, what good is life it ig has been consumed? Ah, but this fiend is special, for those it consumes live on inside it. Ageless. Undecaying. Immortal. Thus, this fiend is filled with the knowledge of all life.
~ The Doctor on Aspedochelone.

Aspedochelone is a minor antagonist in Dragalia Lost, being the raid boss of the campaign Scars of the Syndicate. The Doctor's initial goal was to fuse Prince Euden into the beast.


Aspedochelone is similar in appearance to Phraeganoth, with two of the differences being a different color and having gems in place of buildings.

Powers and Abilities

The creature's attacks involve stomping with its feet, shooting lightning strikes, spinning its body, using a light-based attack on the arena, charging across the arena, shooting energy balls from its mouth, and summoning lightning crystals.


The creature is first mentioned by the Doctor when the heroes meet him for the first time where he talks about the potential he sees in it. His stated design is to bring it into their world which would lay waste to places from villages to even entire kingdoms.

The Doctor believes Aspedochelone can function as an Aeonian Record for balancing such sacrifices. When Elisanne calls out how low this is, the Doctor expresses no concern for any of this as even if his actions are unjust, history will judge where it will see fit.

The Doctor tries offer Euden to fuse into the creature, an offer Euden refused to accept. After a speech, the Doctor leaves saying they will meet again.

The Doctor was encountered again where he tries to get Euden involved in the experiment. Euden refused being part of the heartless test again, saying "You must not have heard my first answer". This prompts the Doctor to summon a manticore capable of ripping through space, later revealed to be Aldred's sister fused with the fiend following its death.

After the manticore dies, Aspedochelone arrives as the Doctor predicted. The creature took the combined might of Euden and Aldred to send the creature back where it came from.

However, the Doctor reveals that as long as the hole remains open, the creature will run rampant. He then offers Euden a sadistic choice to either watch it lay waste or fuse with the creature. But Aldred revealed a third choice as the manticore dropped an otherworld fragment, giving everyone a chance to take on Aspedochelone there. But after defeating the creature a second time, Aldred points out that it's not over yet as the Doctor is still out there.

In their final encounter, the Doctor trapped everyone except Aldred and Andromeda in a barrier final attempt to fuse Euden with Aspedochelone.

After the combined efforts of Euden and Aldred broke the barrier, the Doctor decided to fuse with the creature instead. After a long battle, the heroes manage to slay the Aspedochelone/Doctor fusion, but the Doctor reveals that his death is just the beginning moments before dying alongside the creature.



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