Asperchu is the main protagonist of Asperchu, a webcomic that parodies the exploits of Chris-Chan. He is the cousin of Sonichu and holder of the Asperchu Medallion. He initially starts out fairly heroic, but his laziness and self-centered-ness eventually leads to him becoming a villain.

Asperchu is also the author of the "Word of Asperchoso", a holy book similar to the Bible that presents a character analogous to him named "Asperchoso" as the prophet of GodJesus.


After being kicked out of the Brass Dragon, Asperchu got drunk and attempted to run him over. He was stopped and caught by the police. While in jail, MIPS 09 appeared to him in the form of Rocky The Flying Squirrel and convinced him that his Aspergers made him unaccountable for any of his actions, and that everyone else was jealous of how special he is.

Later, when Chris payed his bail to set him free, Rocky appeared to him again and convinced him to turn on Chris for not paying his bail soon enough. Asperchu was later taken by Lisa to see Larry D. Waltz, so he could get him to divulge the location of the golden disc. The Dean attempted to bargain with Asperchu, offering to raise his failing grades in exchange for him turning over the disc, but Asperchu demanded that he do it anyway because of his Aspergers. When Waltz refused, Asperchu blasted him with an "Asper-Hame-Ha", causing him to be sent to jail again.

Asperchu was eventually put on trial for his crimes, found guilty and sent to prison. While there, Asperchu met Gumby, who attempted to get him to read the Holy Bible so he could develop a close relationship with GodJesus. Asperchu instead opted to write his own holy book, the "Word of Asperchoso", which presented a character analogous to him named "Asperchoso" as the prophet of GodJesus. The two were then attacked by Poliwrath, but escaped by going inside the Word of Asperchoso. Asperchu later exited the book, and erased Gumby for not following his religion. He also encountered Poliwrath, who had found his book and been convinced to convert to its teachings after reading it.

Asperchu was later freed by Christian, who needed his assistance in defeating Argentum.

Villainous Acts

  • Impersonating Jonas Chu and framing him for cheating in the Guitar Hero contest.
  • Attempting to steal Michael Snyder's "Black Lotus" card after he wouldn't trade him for it.
  • Attempting to run over Michael Snyder as revenge for kicking him out of the Brass Dragon.
  • Asper-Hame-Ha-ing Larry D. Waltz when he attempted to get him to divulge the location of the golden disc.
  • Erasing Gumby for not converting to his religion.