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Hear me citizens of Ninjago! Among you somewhere lurks the treacherous deceiver, the traitor! The one who imprisoned me for thousands of years, and during all that time, one single thought sustained me. Revenge . . . revenge! And I will have it, I swear it! I will find you! I will find you or watch all Ninjago burn! Burn! Burn!
~ Aspheera’s most famous quote.

Aspheera is one of the two main antagonists (alongside General Vex) of Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (serving as the main antagonist of the Fire Chapter) of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. She is the leader of the Pyro Vipers.

She was voiced by Pauline Newstone, who also voiced Adult and Ashleigh Ball in Young and Frieza in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z.



Aspheera was once a sorceress in training in service of King Mambo the Fifth. When Wu and Garmadon were imprisoned for breaking the law and wandering into the Serpentine lands, she offered to free them in exchange for teaching her Spinjitzu. They agreed and Aspheera freed them, although Garmadon was not going to keep the promise Wu felt he should. Overtime, Wu taught Aspheera Spinjitzu (if she promised not to use it for evil) and the two started to become friends.

However, Wu found out that Aspheera broke her promise and used her knowledge of Spinjitzu to overthrow King Mambo. Seeing his mistake, Wu pleaded with Garmadon for help and they went to stop Aspheera after stealing the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu from their father.

When they arrived at the Pyramid,nthey heard Aspheera was planning on taking over Ninjago and renaming it after herself. They confronted her and used the scrolls to defeat her and her followers. After King Mambo was restored to his rightful place as king, he decided to punish Aspheera by entombing her magically until her sins were forgotten. When Wu confronted Aspheera in her cell, she pleaded with him to let her out, but he refused. Angered, Aspheera dubbed Wu a "treacherous deceiver" and vowed revenge.

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Dreams and Visions of Zane

Aspheera appears in Zane’s dream and kills him in it, revealing her plan. She appears in a different dream, fighting Zane.

Released By The Ninja

After the Ninja complete the puzzle, they free Aspheera, who reveals her plan and starts to fight the ninja. The ninja end up knocked around by her Spinjitzu. She steals the power of fire from Kai, which overpowers her. She chains the ninja to the wall and escapes. She releases her Fire Fangs and Pyro Vipers, leaving the ninja to their deaths. She then heads for Ninjago city.

Attack on Ninjago City

Aspheera attacks Ninjago city with her Pyro Vipers and Fire Fangs. She starts communicating with them. She notices a sign advertising an exhibit for the scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. She declares that the traitor used it to defeat her and is encountered by Gayle Gossip and Vinny. She captures both of them, and uses their camera to record her speech, in which she declares her goals. Then she and the Pyro Vipers go to the Museum of History. Aspheera releases Char and more Pyro Vipers and heads for the scroll. Meanwhile the ninja find it first and battle Aspheera, who successfully gets it and leaves. She uses the scroll to locate the traitor and attempts to leave the city, but is ambushed by Zane, Nya and Lloyd, but she defeats them and heads for the monastery.

Final Battle and Defeat

Aspheera attacks the Monastery with her army, but is stopped for a while with the water defense. She finally defeats them and breaks the door and sees the ninja and Wu are gone. She orders her Fire Fangs to search everywhere. She finally finds the door to their hideout, which is a room where the ninja gadgets are created. She finally breaks the door and searches for Wu, and she finds them. She attempts to kill them, but gets knocked away by P.I.X.AL’s mech. Aspheera angrily orders her army to attack the ninja and defeats P.I.X.A.L and the ninja, but she’s encountered by Zane, Nya and Lloyd, who attacks her. The two have an epic battle but Lloyd loses the scroll. Jay gets the scroll and battles Aspheera but loses it like Lloyd, but Cole gets it and loses as well. Kai gets the scroll but, realizes that he can’t use because he’s powerless and throws it to Zane. Aspheera fires at the mech, and thinks Zane is gone with it. Then Zane surprises Aspheera and uses the scroll to freeze her and her army. Zane attempts to give the scroll to Wu, but Aspheera breaks her arm out of the ice and attempts to shoot Wu but Zane pushes Wu and gets shot and disappears. Aspheera throws the scrolls on the ground, accepting her defeat. She is later taken to Kryptarium Prison, and tells Wu where she banished Zane.


What will you do now, Wu? What will you NOW???!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~ Aspheera tormenting Wu.



  • Aspheera is the fourth antagonist that knows how to do Spinjitzu, the first being Garmadon, the second being the Overlord, and the third being Doubloon.
    • Aspheera is the first Serpentine who has been seen using Spinjitzu.
  • Aspheera is the third known female Serpentine, the first being Selma and the second being Machia.
  • According to a Ninjago magazine, she is an old friend of Master Wu.
  • She is the third main female antagonist after the Preeminent and Harumi.
  • She is the third villain who stole Kai's power from him, the first was Chen, the second was Morro.
  • She is the second main Serpentine antagonist, the first being Pythor.
  • She succeeded Mambo the Fifth as leader of the Pyro Vipers.


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