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Looks like I've been promoted. You squandered your power but I will lead the army into a new era of greatness. My first order of business will be to rule this planet!
~ Commander Black after killing Commander Red and taking control.
EJECT! EJECT! There's got to be a way out of here! This model has everything... BUT A PARACHUTE!!!
~ Commander Black's last words.

Assistant Black is a major antagonist in the original Dragon Ball series. He is the second-in-command, and later the commander, of the Red Ribbon Army. He is the secondary and final antagonist of the Red Ribbon Army saga of the original Dragon Ball manga and anime series.

He was voiced by Masaharu Satō in the Japanese version, and by Christopher R. Sabat in the Funimation dub and Jonathan Love in the Blue Water dub in the English version.


Assistant Black was an African who worked as the right-hand of Commander Red, acting as his advisor. He was soft-spoken, quick-witted and clever, so he helped him build the Red Ribbon Army and hired all of his officers, in order to search for the Dragon Balls so that Red could wish for world domination. Using a Dragon Radar on their headquarters, he could pinpoint the approximated location of the balls, then sending his men to find them. However, their officers were being defeated by Son Goku, who was also seeking the balls. After Goku defeats their hired assassin Tao Pai Pai, he assaults the Red Ribbon headquarters in order to retrieve the remaining balls. At this moment, Red ordered Black to fight Goku himself. Goku had defeated Black in hand-to-hand combat before Red accidentally revealed his true intentions.

Betraying Red

Black shoots and kills Red

Discovering that Red only wanted the balls to become taller, and disgusted that his boss wasted all of the army's resources for nothing,  Black is unwilling to serve his boss any further and shoots him in the head, killing him. Black then decides he will reconstruct the Black Ribbon Army and conquer the world.

Confronting Goku

Commander Black's death.

Just then, Goku finds him and demands the balls. The newly crowned Commander Black tries to talk Goku into civil discussion so both of them could conquer the world, but Goku refuses. Black then throws a capsule, containing a robotic battle jacket, which he uses to fight Goku. Goku has a hard time fighting Black in the battle jacket but manages to get some hits. Black then shoots a nuke missile in an attempt to blow the entire HQ with Goku on it, showing that he, like Red, could care less about his soldiers despite Red's waste of resources being the main reason why he killed him. But the Saiyan kicks it back at Black, who luckily dodges the missile, which destroys a mountain in the distance. Black attempts to escape, but Goku then uses an all-out attack against him, which pierces the battle jacket, blowing it up and killing the short-lived commander in the process.

Dragon Ball GT

Assistant Black as seen in Dragon Ball GT.

Black was seen again during the Super 17 saga in Dragon Ball GT, being one of the villains who escaped from hell, along with other Red Ribbon members.

He was imprisoned in Hell once again following the villains' defeat. When Black declared that every other villains are losers, Blue stated that he is also a loser and all wait to meet their fate.


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