Associate Professor Evil is one of the prominent characters of Brandon "Oxhorn" Dennis' series of World of Warcraft machinimas. He is also known as Mr. Evil, and has an alter-ego known as Lieutenant Colonel Virtue.


He was sent to the Evil Alchemist University by his parents so that he might become the most evil alchemist ever. He studied hard while he was there, and didn’t have much of a social life. All of his friends dropped out and are now selling cheese or cockroaches in the Undercity, but Associate Professor Evil graduated with honors, and now works at the Evil Alchemist University, instructing students in evil alchemy.

In order to maintain his reputation, he must be constantly pursuing evil… pursuits. He has decided that he wants a lot of power, and has concocted a number of schemes in order to get such power. He and his pet crab named Barnaby travel all over Azeroth, when he is not teaching, in order to find new ways of attaining evil power. Instead, Associate Professor Evil ends up solving some social ill, which forces many to ask whether or not he is truly evil at all.