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Psst! Tiger! We'll give you some salmon if you push the kid over the bed!
~ Monsters to Hobbes

The Assorted Monsters in Calvin's room are the main antagonists of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. They are imaginary monsters living under Calvin's bed.

Their real look is unknown, as they always hide. However, according to their shadow, they look similar to aliens from Calvin's imaginations. They seem to be ugly, fat creatures with big eyes, long fangs and many tentacles. However, one monster has normal arms with three long fingers instead. This is also the only monster that hasn't been seen under the bed.

They always try to eat Calvin, but have never succeeded in getting him off the bed. For example, they once make "slosh" sounds to force Calvin to go to the toilet. It works and Calvin really needs to go, but he eventually pees out of the window. Their another trick is an attempt to convince Hobbes to push Calvin over the bed, promising to give him some fresh salmon. They also pretend to be his mom calling him to get up.

The monster's shadow

The monster's tentacle

It is also unknown how many monsters actually live under Calvin's bed. We only can say they are more than two, as we know ones named Maurice and Winslow.

The monsters are dumb and quiet talkative and these are also their biggest weaknesses, as they sometimes tell Calvin more than is good for their plan. Maurice once accidentally reveals that there is more than one monster under the bed when Calvin and Hobbes are convinced that there is only one. Another time, Winslow says that there are no monsters under the bed and then use "we" in reference to the monsters by accident.

Calvin is usually scared from the monsters, but he also has his own ways to fight them. The usual one is to ask his mom or dad to check for the monsters. He once whack one monster with his baseball bat, only to learn it is actually Hobbes whom he whacked. He also throws down some garbage to keep them quiet, but the monsters don't eat it and the garbage smells terribly until Calvin's mom finds it. Another plan is not to think about them, but it doesn't work at all.


  • Light is lethal to them.
  • Although there are monsters under the bed, Calvin and Hobbes sometimes hide there, not caring about monsters.
  • The title of the book Something Under the Bed Is Drooling comes from a single Sunday strip in which Calvin tricks the monsters under his bed into drooling hungrily, thus revealing them.


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