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Astaroth is a major antagonist in Dark Horse's Hellboy comics. He is a demon and Duke of Hell, and also Hellboy's paternal uncle.


Astaroth was a high-ranking demon in Hell, ruling while Satan himself was sleeping in Pandemonium. He was the brother of Azzael, who was planning to graft the Right Hand of Doom onto his upcoming son Anung un Rama (later known as Hellboy), who would become the beast of the apocalypse. Azzael was punished for this and frozen by the other nobles of Hell, while Astaroth started to take care of his household, keeping an eye on Anung un Rama, who summoned to Earth by Project Ragna Rok.

Througout the 20th Century Astaroth appeared several times to remind Hellboy about his fate, trying to convience him to return to Hell and take over, but the Cambion always refused. Astaroth came to learn that the only way to get Hellboy to Hell was by killing him.

Around 2010 Astaroth deicded to help the fairy Gruagach to ressurect Nimue, and setting up the death of Hellboy. Nimue, worshipping the Ogdru Jahad, gathered a massive army of Supernatural beings to invade England, but Hellboy came to stop. The two battled, which resulted in the death and damnation of both parties.

With Hellboy now in Hell, Astaroth hoped he would embrace his demonic heritage and kill the slumbering Satan, which happened, but Hellboy still refused to follow his destiny. Astaroth the revealed that Hellboy's brothers, Gamon and Lusk, can simply take the Right Hand of Doom away from him and lead Hell. This plan though did not go through as planned, as Astaroth, Gamon and Lusk were all devoured by the demonic serpent Leviathan, with whom Astaroth, with whom had a long-standing grudge.

Following the death of both Astaroth and Satan Hell fell into chaos and most demon-lords like Moloch, Dagon, Belial, Shax, Usiel, Raum, Semyaza, Amdusias and Beelzebub were killed by the lesser demons of Hell.


Hellboy's Astaroth appears to be based on the demon of the same name from the Ars Goetia, being winged and horned humanoid, who carries a snake-staff and sometimes rides a dragon-like beast. He sometimes appears as a Moses-like figure, likely in order to blaspheme against God.




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