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Asteroth was the main antagonist of the 1996 Chaos! comics miniseries"Lady Death: The Odyssey" and has since been featured as an antagonist fo many other Chaos! series. 

Asteroth was originally a Duke of Hell, but because of his loyalty and strength, Lucifer used him for a different purpose. Knowing that he would likely be killed in the Judgement war, Lucifer imbued Asteroth with a portion of his own power and commanded him to destoy whoeevr destroyed Lucifer

When Lady Death Kileld Lucifer by throwing him into the agtes of Heaven, Asteroth rose from Hell's decent Volcano to seek revenge. unfortunately, do to the actions of Evil Ernie and his human companions, Lady Death ahd left Hell and gone on an oddyssey through the cosmos. Unrelenting in the face of his mission, Asteroth traveled the cosmos, often arriving right after Lady Death left, almost always destroying every pane upon which he walked. 

Lady Death eventually settles inside of a kingdom in another realm, after the king and queen adopt her. Asteroth killed these royals and ravaged the kingodm, inspiring the hatred of Lady Death, who reduced him to a skeleton with angelic energies.

Later on, the Zamora summoned Asteroth to fight The Dukes of Hell. Asteroth killed all who he deemed unloyal to Lucifer, including  Cremator

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