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My, you really are slow. Despite our best efforts, the enemy has only grown stronger. To succeed... we must adjust our strategy. Finally, the two of you can actually be of use - for once in your lives!
~ Astor betraying the Yiga Clan.

Astor is the secondary antagonist of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He is a mysterious seer in alliance with the Yiga Clan to bring the Calamity to all of Hyrule.

He was voiced by Jonathan Lipow.


Astor has gray skin and purple hair and eyes. He wears a purple cloak with yellow details on the cape and belt. He has a circlet on his head resembling a Malice eye. He uses a Malice infected Giant Ancient Core as his weapon.


Little is known about Astor's origins, other than he grew up in a Hyrule village. One day, he found a miniature Guardian possessed by the Malice of Calamity Ganon. From the Guardian, Astor learned of the future through a vision it shared, showing Calamity Ganon unleashing the Great Calamity across all of Hyrule. Impressed by the vision foretold to him, Astor allied with the Yiga Clan to ensure the future events came true. His goal was to not only bring Ganon back, but to also dispose of all who pose a threat to Ganon's revival according to the prophecy.

In the Yiga Clan hideout, following the Clan's failed attempt to impersonate Urbosa to seize Zelda, Astor shows Master Kohga and Sooga the future through the Guardian, referring to it as a harbinger, by resonating with it and his magic orb. The image shows Calamity Ganon reforming to spread the Great Calamity. He declares he will not let anything interfere with Ganon's revival. Astor eventually encounters the heroes when they walk through the Lost Woods to reach Deku Forest and seek wisdom from the Great Deku Tree. Astor ambushes them with Malice clones of the Champions called hollows that defeat Link and were very close to killing Zelda. Fortunately, Link resonates with the nearby Master Sword, and uses it to defeat the hollows and Astor, forcing him to retreat.

Back in the Yiga hideout, Astor observes Zelda repairing the Sheikah Towers. He learns that since the Hyruleans found a way to resonate with the towers using the Sheikah Slate, they would be able to discover the Yiga Clan's hideout and warns Kohga. Kohga asks him what they should do to intercept, to which Astor replies that Ganon will guide them. Using his orb and the harbinger to see another glimpse into the future, Astor tells them that the Harbinger contains the essence of Ganon within it, and boasts that by using it, the whole world will bow to him. Sooga warns him that Ganon is simply a force that cannot be controlled, but Astor ignores his advice. Eventually, the hideout is exposed and the Yiga are forced to retreat. While Master Kohga and Sooga ponder what else to do by a desert cliff, Astor appears behind them. They are angry that he was not there to assist them. Astor replies that it was simply fate they would eventually be discovered. Sooga lifts the seer by the neck, threatening him that the Yiga could no longer oversee his failures. But Astor warns them that making an enemy out of him will also make an enemy of Ganon. He informs them the Yiga Clan must work with him if they seek to accomplish their goal in the name of Ganon.

After mysterious rifts of time bring out the future Champions to save the Champions and Divine Beasts from falling to the control of the Blight Ganons, Astor uses his orb to suck out the souls of many Yiga Clan members to revive the Blights, much to Kohga and Sooga's horror. He explains that becoming blood sacrifices would be the best source for the Calamity, and mocks the two that they can actually be useful for once in their lives and sends out a hollow Link to take care of them. While Kohga and Sooga were distracted, Astor ambushes Link, Zelda, and Impa as they attempt to retreat to Fort Hateno. He summons the Blights and orders them to finish them off. Link tries to hold the Blights back but was quickly overwhelmed. Before they could kill him, Zelda awakens the Triforce within her hand, weakening the Blights enough to defeat them and retreat.

Knowing they will return, Astor takes control over the Malice infected Hyrule Castle in his final plan to take control of all Hyrule. With a final push, Zelda unifies all remaining forces into rallying together to take back the castle, including a redeemed Master Kohga and the Yiga Clan. Astor sends out Harbinger Ganon to destroy them, boasting that stepping his foot in their face was his fate. Ultimately, both Harbinger Ganon and Astor were defeated. Enraged that they go against his destiny, Astor demands Ganon to devour them all. However, Ganon, fed up with Astor's constant failures, instead consumes him with Malice, absorbing his powers with the Harbinger to grant himself a physical form, an ironic twist to Sooga's warning. By the end, the heroes successfully defeat Ganon and Zelda seals him away.



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