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Destiny brought Woody and I together. Nobody's gunna get in the way of our love and if you try, I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!
~ Astral

Astral is a one-time villain from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "Woody's Girl". She is a creepy cult follower, who Woody fell in love with.


In "Woody's Girl", Astral taught yoga classes that Woody went to. While trying to meditate, Woody freaked out and accidentally slaughtered everybody in the room except for Astral, who was very turned on by Woody murdering everybody. Astral became Woody's girlfriend.

The next day at work, Woody had become completely calm and peaceful because of his new girlfriend, Astral. Woody said that he would be taking a leave of absence and passing on his job as the leader to Ethel.

Astral and Woody did some naked meditation together while Malloy was trying to play video games. Malloy was very annoyed by this but Astral wanted to be friends with Malloy so she offered him some scat art, which he found disgusting. Malloy was especially unhappy to hear she'd be moving in. Woody assured him he wouldn't even notice they were there. Cut to Malloy trying to make a sandwich, while Woody and Astral fucked extremely loudly in the next room over.

Later, Astral told Woody that she was going to be a part of Woody's and his life now but Malloy let her know that she was just one of Woody's many girlfriends who would be leaving soon because of his torture. Astral grabbed Malloy by the fur and viciously threatened to kill him if he tried to get in the way of her love with Woody and then punched him across the room, giving him a black eye. Astral left and Malloy insulted her. Astral came back and was about to beat him up again but stricken with fear, Malloy started being nice to her.

The next day at breakfast, Malloy tried to warn Woody about how Astral was an abusive psycho but Astral took out a knife behind Woody's back and made a murderous gesture at Malloy, scaring him into keeping his mouth shut. She also decapitated a teddy bear to spook him a little more.

It was later revealed that Astral was a high figure of a cult, where they worship an alien god called Lortarjizzian, which Woody was quickly accepted into.

Astral later told Malloy that she and Woody would be jumping off Brickleberry Cliff so that they would ascend to a new world with Lortarjizzian. Malloy tried desperately to warn Woody about Astral but he didn't listen.

Astral took Woody to Brickleberry Cliff, where a bunch of cult followers jumped off the cliff, expecting a biovian mothership to pick them up and take them away to a heavenly plane that would give them whatever they wanted. Astral convinced Woody to go along with it by jumping with her.

Woody jumped off the cliff with Astral but Malloy flew in with a jetpack and saved Woody, leaving Astral to die, herself. However, it turned out that Astral's crazy cult was right as the biovian mothership rose up, carrying all the cult followers inside. They were in a perfectly utopian party, where they got everything they wanted. Astral was very quick to move on, as she was seen giving a blowjob to another man. Woody screamed and yelled and tried to get the ship to come back for him but the ship flew off, taking Astral away to an alternate dimension forever.


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