Astral Vampires (often known as Psychic Vampires or Energy Vampires) are a type of malevolent entity in various New Age Movements, the occult and paranormal study as well as the associated subcultures (such as creepypasta, deep-web research etc).

The term is used to describe extra-dimensional creatures that feed on astral energy, emotions and life-energy rather than traditional blood - in this regard they are like demons or unclean spirits and are generally seen as predatory in regards to humans, they are also seen as a major obstacle to those who seek to train in mental activities such as meditation, lucid dreaming or astral-projection and many tales are spoken on how to protect oneself from them.




Astral Vampires lack any true form but often manifest as ghostly figures, phantoms or shadowy figures - they may also haunt dreams or minds with more gruesome appearances but in general are described more as a presence than a fully formed entity : in contrast some energy vampires are seen as fully physical and human in appearance but may be distinguished from others via dark auras or strange eyes (such as the Black Eyed Children)


  • Empathic Vampirism (astral vampires are said to feed on emotions, especially negative ones, causing victims to grow increasingly emotionally distant or unwell)
  • Life-Force Vampirism (energy vampires are said to feed on life-force itself, which may cause victims to become increasingly unwell, mentally and physically)
  • Astral Awareness (as creatures of the astral realm they are said to be aware of psychic phenomena and emotions, thus can home in on victims and latch onto them over great distances)
  • Astral Existence (most (but not all) astral vampires are said to be non-physical beings that exist in a state similar to ghosts or phantoms)
  • Telepathy (due to feeding on and often existing within psychic realms most psychic vampires are telepathic, though rarely "speak" with anyone outside of spreading fear or doubt)


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