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There's nowhere you can hide, Spartan. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not... teacher... husband... father... but there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.
~ Athena taunting Kratos.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war who is a character from the God of War game series, and she secretly plays a villainous role in the game God Of War III. She appears once more briefly as a minor antagonizing illusion in God Of War (2018).

Role as a villain

While most of the God of War games, Athena was the least selfish and most noble goddess, however, in God Of War III, she is affected by Greed, one of the evils of the world which was locked in Pandora's Box. She motivates Kratos in his quest for vengeance against Zeus. She didn't show any of signs of evil while alive, possibly due to her selfless nature, with death allowing it to overwhelm her. She also claims to have a message for humanity.

In God of War III's ending, it can be assumed that what she actually wanted was to take the great power of Hope back, rebuild the world and rule over the mankind alone as the sole all-powerful deity. However, Kratos stopped her by committing suicide with the Blades of Olympus and let the hope out, in order to save the corrupting world. Athena left with rage and disappointment, and left Kratos for dead.

In God of War (2018), when Kratos traveled back to his home, Athena appears before him; the Spartan told her to get out of his head, and she vanished. As Kratos once again arms himself with the Blades of Chaos, Athena appears again, taunting him for his futile attempts to escape the truth about himself; that he is and always will be a monster. Kratos admits that she is correct, but declares that he is not her monster anymore, walking through her and causing her to disappear again.



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