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Athena Burns

Athena Burns is an antagonist from the Season 3 episode "Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" of the TV series Lucifer.

She was portrayed by Erica Cerra.


Athena Burns is the lawyer for Ben Rivers, who was accused in the murder of two teenagers, which took place 2 years prior to the events. Athena turned villainous and helped Rivers evade police, as she had developed romantic feelings for Rivers while representing him. In addition to helping Rivers escape, the villainess sent money to Rivers to assist him financially while he was on the run.

Athena was interviewed by Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker regarding Rivers, with the villainess claiming that she had not seen him in 2 years. However, Chloe uncovered phone conversations between Athena and Rivers, and after Athena attempted to walk off, Lucifer used his power to reveal the truth: Athena loved Rivers and had helped him escape. In response to Chloe's question regarding a motive, the evil Athena blamed Rivers' charm and looks; claiming that they caused Athena's heel turn and made her defenseless. Unbeknownst to Athena, it was later revealed that Rivers was framed by Lieutenant Herrera (the actual killer). Even though, Athena's fate currently remained unknown.


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