Atlan is the main antagonist of the Blake's 7 episode "Stardrive".

He was portrayed by Damien Thomas, who also played Count Karnstein in Twins of Evil.


Atlan was the leader of a group of Space Rats based on the planet Caspar, although he insisted he was not a Space Rat himself. Despite this, he seemed content to be part of the Space Rats' hedonistic lifestyle. He indulged their passion for speed and violence, as well as forming an alliance with the scientist Doctor Plaxton, funding her work on a new photonic drive, which allowed ships to travel at Time Distort 12 in real time. He had it fitted on the Space Rats' small one man ships and encouraged them to attack Terran Federation ships. He hoped that the tactical advantage would give him control over all trade routes.

Atlan was delighted when Plaxton completed work on her improved photonic drive, capable of Time Distort 15, until she admitted it was too bulky to fit on the Space Rats' ships and insisted the size could not be reduced. When his men captured Vila and Dayna, Atlan initially wanted them killed until they claimed to be old students of Plaxton who could reduce the size of the engine. While Atlan was distracted by them, Avon, Tarrant and Soolin attacked the base, rescuing their friends and absconding with Plaxton and the drive. Atlan and his men pursued the Scorpio crew on motorised tricycles but were killed when Avon detonated some grenades he had planted earlier as they drove over them.


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