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The Atlantisians are the citizens of the underwater city Atlantis. They are blue-skinned humanoids with gills on their neck, black eyes and no hair. They are the main antagonists of Eddsworld episode "25ft Under the Seat".


When Matt accidentally flushes the key to the fridge down the toilet, Edd, Tom and Matt decide to flush themselves down the toilet to get their keys back. They ended up in the underwater city Atlantis where blue humanoids live. The gang goes on a tour of the Museum of wonders from above with the tour guide Simon. They find out Matt's keys have become the new exhibit. Matt grabs them, but the security camera takes the picture of them. The Chief of Police shows the picture to the King who orders him to summon the troops and spread posters over the town.

Later, the gang notices a wanted poster of them. To escape from the cops and city, they masked themselves as fish, fooling the police. A cop called Frank only notices them, but it is then revealed he is pointing at a rock with some mollusks on it. Angry Chief then tells him he hates him so much.

The gang hides in the zoo, but Tom mistakenly breaks a wall of glass marked 'Do not touch' and releases the giant purple octopus out. The octopus attacks Tom angrily. Meanwhile, Edd and Matt try to run away, only to bump into the cops. For taking the key and releasing the octopus, the gang is sentenced to death by oxygen. The Executioner ties balloons around their necks and they start to float to the surface. Luckily, when they reach the surface, they realize they are not going to die, as oxygen isn't deadly for them.

Known citizens

Image Name Description
Simon.png Simon Simon is a tour guide who works in the Museum of wonders from above in Atlantis. He guides the tour with the gang and other random Atlantisians. He also shows them the new exhibit which they believe is used to clear ones ears or other orifices, but it is actually Matt's keys. He is voiced by Edd Gould.
The Chief.png The Chief of Police The Chief of Police controls all cops in Atlantis. He is the one who shows the picture of the gang stealing the keys to the King. He is also able to understand the King's terrible accent, but only with big difficulties. He really hates the stupidest cop of the police called Frank, althoug he is quite stupid himself, because he doesn't notice the gang when they are right in front of his eyes. He is voiced by Thomas Ridgewell.
The King.png The King The King is the king of Atlantis with a bushy gray eyebrows and mustache. He is old and wear a crown, a royal red and white robe and a necklace. He has a terrible accent and his head even turns to fish's one during his speech. He also cares about the new exhibit too much and even order the Chief to capture and execute the gang for stealing it. He is voiced by Edd Gould.
Frank.png Frank Frank is the stupidest cop in whole Atlantis. As every policeman in the city, he also tries to capture the gang. When the gang passes by the horde of cops, Frank seems to be only one who notices them, but it is then revealed he mistakes the gang with a rock with some mollusks on it and arrests it. He is voiced by Christopher Diewald (aka Diwi).
Executioner Eddsworld.png The Executioner The Executioner is the Atlantisian who do executions in Atlantis. He wears a black hoodie with a balck mask. He sentences the gang to death by Oxygen for stealing the keys from the museum and releasing the sea monster upon Atlantis. He is voiced by PsyGuy.


  • The scene where the King's head turns into a realistic fish head, is a reference to SpongeBob's character Johnny Erain.
  • 'Death by oxygen' should probably be 'Death by air' as fish breathe oxygen as well. However, Atlantisians could breathe another element or chemical.
  • The Executioner obviously thought Edd, Tom and Matt are aquatics creatures just like him, because he didn't realize they can breathe on the surface.


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