Atlas is a gigantic green robot and one of Artemis's two companions. He is an antagonist in the "Mythos" arc of Cyborg 009.


Atlas first appeared alongside Artemis and Pan to intervene in the battle between the 00 Cyborgs and Mythos Cyborgs.

Atlas later attempted to win Artemis' affections by bringing her fruit. When the 00 Cyborgs arrived on the gods' island in the Dolphin, Atlas went with Poseidon to apprehend the ship.

After Artemis left the Greek Gods, she told Atlas and Pan to follow Apollo from then on.

Atlas fought against the 00 Cyborgs again when they returned to the island to stop Dr. Gaia. However, he stopped fighting when Artemis appeared to explain to the truth about the Greek Gods' origins. However, Artemis succumbed to her wounds and died soon after. Atlas and Pan stayed by her body, chasing after it when the rock beneath it gave way. He presumably died when the island collapsed into the sea.


  • Atlas is the only fully robotic member of the Mythos Cyborgs.
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