Atmoz Fear

You're too busy to finish telling me how busy you are?! GizmoDuck, you're BURNED OUT!!
~ Atmoz Fear facing against GizmoDuck.

Dr. Atmoz Fear is a minor antagonist in the DuckTales episode "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!". He is a weather-based mad scientist who is an old nemesis of GizmoDuck.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Atmoz Fear is a mad scientist in Duckburg who turned over to the idea of controlling and manipulating weather for his own ambitions. To that end, he created a machine (combined with a remote device) that allows him to manipulate weather.

With his invention, Dr. Fear created a powerful thunderstorm in Duckburg, grabbing the attention of GizmoDuck on the roof of a building. GizmoDuck attempts to gloat of his imminent victory by declaring that he will 'rain over Dr. Fear's parade', but Dr. Fear points out how completely weak that pun sounds. GizmoDuck apologizes for this by stating that that Dr. Fear was his 3rd weather-based villain for a month and that he had to choose between civil service and fighting off crime sprees, right before he was briefly distracted by a phone call from Huey.

Annoyed by how much GizmoDuck talks of how busy he really is, Dr. Fear tries to strike lightning on GizmoDuck with his remote, but GizmoDuck manages to avoid getting hit. With careful precision, Gizmoduck punches Dr. Fear, causing the remote to fall into a puddle and shorten out. This causes the machine to fail and return the sky back to normal. A triumphant GizmoDuck declared to Dr. Fear that he has finally 'rained over his parade', but an annoyed Dr. Fear pointed out that he literally just said that again.

Realizing this, GizmoDuck apologizes for this before taking Dr. Fear into custody. It can be implied that Dr. Fear will be sent to prison for his crimes.


  • Atmoz Fear's name is a play-on of the word "atmosphere", given to him being obsessed over weather control.
  • Atmoz Fear also bears resemblance to the famous comical villain Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Atmoz Fear's abilities bear reference to Weather Wizard, as both have the ability to manipulate weather.


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