Those tentacles! They were coming from some kind of... I don't know what this atrocity is! In fact, that's what I'm gonna call it... Atrocity, 'cause "Big Scary Tentacle Monster Thingy" takes way too long to say. That, and "Fin Fang Foom" was taken.
~ Spider-Man

Anti-Venom, also known as Atrocity, is the one of the main antagonists, and the final boss in the past of the videogame Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

It is created from the DNA of Walker Sloan, Doctor Octopus, and Anti-Venom when all three of them collided into a portal, fusing their DNA.

He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


The monster that Amazing Spider-Man dubbed the Atrocity was created by the fusing of Dr. Otto Octavius, Walker Sloan, and Anti-Venom in the timestream portal. It blames Spider-Man for it's own creation, and attempts to make him part of its body matter.

Peter lures Atrocity to the Gateway Room, and webs its tentacles so he can tear off his tentacles ("I have to finish de-tentaclizing it first!") into the portal so they can be used to help Spider-Man 2099 beat the CEO. In the end, Spider-Man punches Atrocity into the portal, erasing it from existence. In the DS Version, instead of Sloan/Doc Ock/Anti-Venom, its Sloan/Doc Ock/Rhino.

Powers and Gadgets

Atrocity's tentacles tear through the fabric of time, and can attack, capture, or throw. They can also act as Anti-Venom's "cleansing" ability, able to weaken Amazing Spider-Man and the CEO (who is the future Peter Parker).
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