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Atsushi Ookawa is one of the minor villains in the manga/anime series Shiki.

He was voiced by Kenichirou Matsuda in the Japanese version, and by Chris Rager in the English dubbed version.


Atsushi has been abused his whole life by his father, both physically and mentally.

His grandma also likes to lie about him wanting to kill her, causing Atsushi to get beaten by his father. Even he’s 23, Atsushi is very scared of his father. When he rose up as a shiki, his fear of his father was still there.

He would drive his car around Sotoba, usually crashing into things. He enjoyed his new life as a Shiki because he finally got to do things he wanted without getting hit by his father.

Considering he's been abused his whole life, he himself abused grandmas and old neighbors, often splashing them with water. When he rose up as a Shiki, he even broke his grandma's spine out of pure rage and revenge.


When the war between the shiki and humans breaks out, Atsushi kills doctor Ozaki's mother to avenge his crush Chizuru Kirishiki who was the first shiki to be knownly killed in front of everyone. After doing so, he hides in a closet of the Ozaki's clinic leaving bloody foot prints. He gets found by his father and mercilessly staked. His father doesn't feel any remorse and says it's the duty of the parent to teach their child a lesson.