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Auñ Pana are a monstrous type of semi-humanoid antagonist found in the folklore of the Yanomami of Brazil and Venezuela.


Auñ Pana are large fish-like monsters with humanoid arms and hair, they live in deep water and are said to share their territory with the equally large man-eating monsters known as the Pehiwetinome.

In one story a group of Auñ Pana and Pehiwetinome worked together to tear down a bridge that the Yanomami were crossing by biting through its wood, this resulted in the bridge collapsing and becominga raft with the surviving Yanomami being turned into monkeys and pigs.

Powers and Abilities

Auñ Pana are large and carnivorous monsters with some degree of magical power, able to transform people into different things as well as use their arms and sharp teeth to capture prey, they are also intelligent and can use swarming tactics to take down larger prey or to destroy certain obstacles.

Auñ Pana also seem to be capable of forming alliances with other monsters, likely due to a shared interest in devouring human flesh.


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