Aubrey Haskins

Aubrey Haskins is the main villainess from "I, Witness", episode 7.13 of Castle.

She was portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson.

Aubrey Haskins is a lawyer representing Cole Whitfield's company, and as revealed later on, she was a sorority sister of Cole's first wife, Mallory, who tragically died. Aubrey told friends that Cole got away with murder, and she joined Cole's company and plotted revenge on him.

After hearing Cole's second wife, Eva, vent about their marriage, Aubrey contacted her and (along with Robert James) cooked up a plan to ruin Cole. The plan included staging Eva's murder and making it appear that Cole (actually played by Robert) had killed her, which would send Cole to jail and leave his fortune to Eva. The plan was successful, as Castle witnesses the "murder," and Cole is the prime suspect. Aubrey appeared to come to the defense of Cole's mistress, Taylor McKinley, after she faces accusations of conspiracy in Eva's murder.

Eva, however, got cold feet after her role and had planned on coming clean, which led to Aubrey killing Eva in the latter's studio apartment, doing so to keep her quiet. After killing Eva, the evil Aubrey killed Cole at his home, and placed his body hanging from the ceiling to make it look like a suicide. Aubrey's villainous roles were revealed when Castle and Beckett confronted her, as it was revealed that Eva's DNA was found in the trunk of her car. Aubrey was arrested for murdering the Whitfields.