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You saved the city. That's what the newspapers said. You were "heroes". [...] But I was there. I saw what really happened. I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed.
~ Audrey Eastman revealing her hatred of superhumans to Jessica.

Audrey Eastman is a minor antagonist in the Marvel television series Jessica Jones. She is a jewelry manufacturer who attempts to kill Jessica Jones due to her intense hatred of superhumans. 


Audrey first appears at Jessica Jones' doorstep asking her for her help in proving that her husband has been cheating on her, as Audrey is confident that he is. Jessica, though at first suspicious (and still paranoid due to her ongoing conflict with Kilgrave), agrees to take the case. She observes Audrey while doing so though, and sees her go to a firing range to practice shooting a gun.

Later, while trying to find Audrey's husband and prove his alleged infidelity, Jessica discovers the truth: that Audrey and her husband had never actually split and are still together. There never was an affair, and the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to lure Jessica Jones out in the open so that Audrey could try to shoot her. The woman then goes on a bitter tirade against metahumans, blaming them for the death of her mother during the Battle of New York (and also incorrectly attributing "raining hell" to the Avengers, even though it was the Chitauri who were responsible for devastating the city and that the Avengers were fighting against them). Jessica initially tries to reason with Audrey by correctly pointing out that she had nothing to do with the Battle of New York or her mother's death and that the Chituari are responsible for the event, but Audrey stubbornly refuses to listen and attempts to shoot Jessica.

Unfortunately, this drove Jessica into a rage, throwing things around and threatening to come after the Eastmans if they don't leave her alone; even coldly warning that she would call the other metahumans (including the Avengers) to the event if they pursue the matter. Jessica's display of super strength and rage sufficiently intimidates the cowardly Eastmans, and Audrey's husband informs her that he wants a divorce.


  • Her hating the Avengers for the death of a loved one as a result of collateral damage that they could not prevent or help, is exactly the same as Helmut Zemo, complete with each of them then trying to exact vengeance on meta humans. However, Audrey did not go after the Avengers, and was far less successful in her efforts.
  • Likewise, her hatred also resembles Punisher in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, who also lost his loved ones in the crossfire of a battle between the Avengers and alien invaders and afterwards became a gun-toting psychopath consumed with a desire to kill all meta-humans everywhere. But once again, Audrey was less successful in her efforts.


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