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Relax, son. Enjoy every moment! You fight, then eat good food. You fight, then drink fine wine. You fight, then sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That is what it means to live.Augus to Asura.

Augus is a major antagonist in the video game Asura's Wrath. He is one of the Seven Deities and Asura's old master.

He was voiced by the late Unshō Ishizuka in Japanese and Imari Williams in English.



Years ago, Augus was one of the eight Demigods that were assigned, by Emperor Strada to purge the world from the impure Gohma.

Augus was once the master to both Asura, and Yasha (Before Yasha was sent to be trained by Deus). He taught Asura how to fight a small army of Gohmas. After some successful training, Augus decided to fight Augus himself to see if he can out-fight his master. Asura proved to be no match towards his master, and they departed on semi-good terms.

While Asura was fighting a small army of Gohmas, including a Gohma Squasher, Augus was watching the whole thing. After Asura was able to wipe out all the Gohmas, he comes across a Gohma Glider. Just when he was about to confront the giant Gohma, Augus intervened and stated that he hadn't had his fill. But Asura wanted to confront the beast, so Augus and Asura decided to race to the Gohma, and whoever came first who kill the beast. It's unknown who won, but it was likely that it ended in a draw, and they both killed the Gohma Glider.

Augus Flicks Gohma.jpg
Augus easily tosses a Gohma with a flick of his thumb.
While Asura was fighting a Gohma Crusher, and managed to toss it, the Gohma was heading toward Augus. It appeared that Augus was about to be crushed by the giant Gohma, but Augus managed to toss the giant Gohma with a simple flick of his thumb. Enraged, Asura attempted to punch his master, but Yasha showed up and ended the fight before it could be started. After that, all three of them went to Asura's home to see his baby daughter, Mithra. The other Deities attempted to ask Asura if he wanted to join their cause, but Asura refused before he heard about their plan.

Fighting the Gohma

Wyzen, Asura, Augus & Yasha.jpg
Wyzen with Asura Augus, and Yasha fighting the Gomha horde.
During one of the Gohmas attacks, Augus is one of the Eight Guardians that confronted them. After Deus fired the Bramastra, the Gohma Vlitra appeared from Gaea's core. Augus wanted to be the one to kill Vlitra, but one of the Gohmas got in his way, resulting in Asura fighting, and placing the creature back to sleep.

Joining the Seven Deities

The next day, after Asura defeated the Vlitra, Deus started with his plans. Augus was one of the Demigods to joined Deus' cause.

Twelve thousand years later, Augus, along with the five other Seven Deities, were watching Asura fighting, and killing off Wyzen. He also watched as Kalrow perished by Asura's hand 500 years later. After Asura killed Kalrow and was descending towards a mountain at rapid speeds, Augus saw a little girl watching Asura as he plummeted towards the mountain side. He told the little girl that Asura wasn't going to die, and if he were to die, Augus would be the one to kill Asura.

Talking to Asura

Augus relaxing in Hot Spring.jpg
Augus relaxing, and offering Asura to relax in his hot spring.
After Asura killed Kalrow, he woke up, and found himself in a hot spring. There, he comes across his old master, Augus. Instead of killing an injured Asura, Augus heals him, and lets Asura relax in the hot spring. They both relaxed in the spring while flirting with a pair of his women servants.
Augus punches Asura.jpg
Augus punches Asura in the face.
However when Asura's attempted to touch one of the girls' breasts, Augus punched Asura in the face, temporarily knocking him unconscious. While they were relaxing, Augus was mentioning about the new order that Deus was planning, but at the same time, the thought it was ridiculous. They also talked about days that were long gone. After they were fully relaxed, both Augus and Asura engaged each other in battle, on the moon, where no one can interfere.

Confronting Asura

Augus vs Asura.jpg
Augus confronting Asura.
Before Augus and Asura fought each other, Augus was talking about the time when Asura was his pupil, and wild and unfocused Asura was. After the conversation, Asura grew four extra arms in hopes it's enough to defeat his old mentor. Both of them seemed to be evenly matched, but even with Augus' great strength and speed, Asura managed to overpower Augus.
Augus at Full Power.jpg
Augus at full power.
The thrill of the fight made Augus want to defeat Asura even more, so Augus decided to use his full power to defeat him. Augus even drew out his sword, Wailing Dark out of its sheath to continue his fight with Asura. With his sword out, Augus show it's power by creating a large cut on the moon and raising a huge chunk of the moon. After showing his sword's power, the two continued their fight.
Augus drawing out his sword.jpg
Augus about to extend his sword; Wailing Dark.
After being pushed back by Asura again, Augus then extended his sword, trying to stab Asura through the chest. Asura managed to grab the tip of Augus' sword, at the cost of two of his six his arms. As Augus' sword continued to stretch, the two Demigods fall from the moon all the way down to Gaea. During the fall, two more of Asura's arms were destroyed. As they were falling, Augus and Asura discuss whether they are the same or not.
Augus stabs Asura.jpg
Augus stabs Asura.
When the two crashed into Gaea, Augus managed to cut off another one of Asura's arms and stab Asura right through the chest. As Augus was about to kill Asura with a finishing blow, Asura sacrificed his last arm to break Augus' sword, grab the damaged sword with his teeth, and cut open Augus in the stomach.
Asura kills Augus.jpg
Asura kills Augus.
As Augus collapsed to the ground, Augus said that that was the greatest fight he had ever had. Shortly before he died, Augus told Asura that he was glad that the student surpassed the teacher.


Unlike most of the Seven Deities, Augus is very honorable. Instead of attacking Asura behind his back like a coward or summoning a large horde of Demigod soldiers, Augus actually help Asura relax and heal, so that he may be at his full strength when they fought. Augus also loves to fight just because of the thrill of the fight. He's also shown to be incredibly bloodthirsty, since the markings on his body is symbolic for his bloodthirstiness, and the fact that he values the bloodshed of his enemies.

Powers and Skills

Augus has shown himself to be one of the strongest and most skilled characters in the entire game, having been Asura and Yasha's teacher and was deemed the second strongest out of the extremely powerful Seven Deities, which included even the likes of Yasha, just under Deus, who openly acknowledged Augus's might and could not defeat him without a struggle.

Augus' Speed.jpg
Augus managing to out-punch Six-Armed Vajra Asura.
  • God-like Physical Prowess: Augus, due to his incredibly muscular and well-built stature, holds an extraordinary amount of physical strength and despite his size and build, a vast amount of physical speed and reflexes as well, being able to effortlessly defeat Gohmas, even flicking them away with his thumb, constantly defeat Asura in combat, at one point headbutting him so hard to create a shockwave upon knocking him to the ground, and could even match Six-Armed Vajra Asura in hand-to-hand combat, completely matching his punching speed despite his six arms and able to send him flying with a single punch and repeatedly blitz him and land a punch before he could react. While wielding Wailing Dark, he could raise up a large chunk of the moon and pierce through the earth and Asura with enough force to destroy his arms and create a massive crate upon landing. He was also tremendously resilient, as he was barely affected by punches from Asura and able to stay alive for some time after his abdomen had been torn by his own sword before dying.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Augus is an exceptionally accomplished and experienced hand-to-hand combatant, with him preferring to fight bare-handed above all else and being proficient enough that he even looked down on Mantra techniques, believing a true warrior of his level is above using such powers. His prowess in martial arts alone allowed him to slaughter the previous General of Greed and kill Gohmas with ease. He was able to effectively tutor Asura and initially Yasha in hand-to-hand combat and due to this proved himself to be a superior fighter than both of them, as he always bested Asura in their spars and could even compete with Six-Armed Vajra Asura despite his advantage of six arms on equal terms.
Augus's Sword.jpg
Augus' Sword; Wailing Dark.
  • Master Swordsman: Despite preferring hand-to-hand combat, Augus is also a highly proficient swordsman, wielding a powerful sword called the Wailing Dark, that can stretch in at unknown length, though he rarely draws out his sword, as he prefers to use his fists in combat. His skills in swordsmanship were able to roughly stalemate Deus using his Nunchaku, though Deus was holding back to not kill him but still acknowledged Augus's skill, and overwhelm Six-Armed Vajra Asura, destroying his arms and nearly killing him, only losing due to Asura's wrath increasing his strength.
Augus' Energy Slash.jpg
Augus' energy slashes.
  • Mantra Powers: Despite disliking the use of Mantra techniques, Augus can still call upon his Mantra Affinity Greed for more power, able to charge his blows to release ascending waves. Augus can also channel his Mantra energies into his sword to release extremely powerful energy attacks, able to generate 5 to 6 enormous verticle slashes and waves of mantra that can slice everything in their path, and can release a single large horizontal slash.


Now that I think of it. The last time we fought like this, you were still my pupil. You were wild, unfocused, and had the eyes of a beast. Even then, I knew someday you'd become the opponent I had been waiting for. I hope you don't disappoint!!Augus before confronting Asura.

I don't fight for good, and I don't fight for evil. I just fight!Augus explaining his motives to Asura.

That was one hell of a battle! What now? Where will that anger take you? You are not me, yet you continue to fight. (Pause) You no longer need my training. The one who stands in the end is righteous. Asura, walk the path that you must.Augus' last words before his death.


  • Augus' Mantra Affinity is Greed.
  • Augus' nodachi (essentially an oversized katana), Wailing Dark, can extend up to 380,000 km which is approximately 236121.05305018692 miles.
  • Augus' code of combat is also similar to the Street Fighter character Akuma's code of combat, as they both fight for the sake of fighting, and they never hold back when in a good fight.
  • The music that plays during his boss battle against Asura is Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World" by Antonín Dvořák.
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