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Ilia: Okay, Augus, that’s ENOUGH! I’m not going to let you run around manhandling people like this.
Augus: This is not the way I wish to proceed either--but as this concerns the fate of our great nation, one must dispense with feelings and rely on cold facts alone.
Ilia: Oh, please. As if your motivations are noble!
~ Ilia pleading Augus to release Zethia.
Augus: This raw power is enough to destroy the capital and the forest, human and dragon alike! Ah, it’s truly wonderful! With this power, all of the world will finally be in our grasp. And I will rule over it as a GOD!
Ilia: Ha! A god of crap, maybe!
Augus: You will eat those words, girl!
~ Augus after seeing Morsayati's rampage.

Augus is a minor antagonist in the video game Dragalia Lost, who plays a pivotal role in the "Forgotten Truths" event. A general from the empire of an advanced civilization that existed thousand years ago, Augus himself is a ruthless supremacist who tries to win the war of humanity against dragons that attacked them so that he could reclaim where humans can rule over the dragons as Augus ruled them like a god. To further his own plans in order to win the war, he took an interest with a young, energetic researcher named Ilia who happens to research the Omega Keys left by her biological parents so that she could open a portal to another world.

Despite being only a minor one-shot antagonist, Augus is one of the villains alongside the Holywyrm, Elysium, that left a long-lasting impact in the story due to their seemingly indirect actions on creating Morsayati, which also created the Ilian Church, where humans that become the part of the religion revere Elysium and Ilia in high regard while also reviling Morsayati. In addition to all of this, Augus' actions also resulting on Elysium turning the world into the medieval stasis as it is today, where dragons and humans form bonds with each other.


Augus himself can be described as an elderly man with green, slicked-back hair and gray eyes, with his right eye being covered by a black and gray eye-piece with a blue iris. For his attire, he wears a large, dark-gray and black coat with gold and white circles on the shoulders and bits of blue on the chest and arms, black pants, two light-gray and black belts stretched in an X-formation across his lower torso and legs, faded-brown gloves, and he holds a black cane with a bronze hilt in his right hand.


Augus himself can be described as a bigoted supremacist with a huge hatred with the dragons. As a result, he had a desire and power to rule over them as gods and trying to put the dragons in the lower cast so that he could trample them. To further his own plans, he has no hesitation to use threat or blackmails that could suit his plans or even murdering innocent people where they get in the way. Despite Augus says that his terrible actions were for the best interest for the humanity, Ilia calls him out on his lies and hypocrisy as it was revealed that Augus does not value human lives at all. This was best exemplified where Augus attempt to deploy the mana bombs in the capital after destroying the dragon habitats, which not only would kill the dragons, but also the innocent humans that live in the capital and other people across the world as well.

In addition, it was also revealed that Augus also shown his obsessive side when seeing several otherworldly power so that he could harness it so that he could reign supreme as a sole god across the world, despite claiming it was for humanity sake. His obsession eventually reached the point where he acts like a fanatical lunatic after seeing Morsayati going into rampage, which killed several innocent people and dragons, as he decided to use Morsayati's power as he dies happily after Morsayati killed him, claiming that the light of god is burning him away. In the end, Augus' actions were so terrible and horrifying that it proved Elysium's point that humans are barbaric and young creatures that need to be controlled by the dragons for their own good as he attempts to reset the world into the medieval realm that it is today.


When Zethia was possessed by Morsayati, the latter then decided to sent her spiritual projection thousands of years ago, which is revealed to be an advanced and bustling civilization where Goddess Ilia lived so that she could see the truth of the world she inhabits and the origins of himself. After Zethia was sent into the past, she then meet with Ilia, whose appearance is stark contrast from the goddess she had learned from the histories, as she was revealed to be a young researcher who tried to run away from Augus and his soldiers that tries to capture her for his own plans, which is to make Ilia bringing him to her own secret laboratory. Seeing Zethia not far from the distance, the soldiers then decided to apprehend her and threatening to murder her by ordering his soldiers to do so so that he could easily subdue Ilia to his own palm which causes Ilia having no choice but to comply with Augus' plan.

Discovering Ilia's laboratory, Ilia then asks Augus to release Zethia. Despite this, he refuses to do so and orders Ilia to open the gate in her laboratory with the omega keys that she had. Aware about the huge calamity that Augus would brought upon the land, Zethia pleads him not to do so in which Augus responded by threatening to murder her and making an assumption that Ilia was in cahoots with Zethia. In order to save Zethia, Ilia decided to open the gates despite warning Augus that the mechanics of the gate hasn't been perfected yet and also tells Augus that she won't be responsible if he doesn't get the results that he wanted.

After the gates were opened, Augus becomes ecstatic as he attempts to harness its power so that he could use it for humans all over the world to reign supreme against the dragons. Despite this, several fiends were emerging from the gate as they ended up destroying the lab with both Zethia and Ilia flee from the scene to save themselves as Augus and his soldiers are still fighting the fiends until they manage to escape. As Zethia and Ilia escaped from the fiends and Augus' clutches so that they could reach Ilia's real hideout, a mysterious light that came from the gate Ilia had opened followed the two which causes Ilia getting interested with it and decided to put the strange light into a better use.

After reaching Ilia's hideout, Ilia then introduces herself and her foster mother, the faerie princess Meene, towards Zethia and also tells Zethia her story about her being pursued by the military due to her research of the Otherworldly Gates that could summon the creatures of another world so that he could used them for a weapon of war to win against dragons and he also has no hesitation to murder innocent people who stand in his way to get what he wants. After seeing Ilia bringing the mysterious light home, Meene then warns her that it is not a pet due to the fact that humanity has already in conflict with the dragons and bringing a thing from another world would exacerbates the problem due to the Dragons' hatred with otherworldly stuff.

Despite this, Ilia insisted to keep the light that she discovered and decided to make a man's body out of the light that she had discovered through alchemy, naming him Mordecai so that she could understand with each other. As time went by, both Ilia and Mordecai forms a strong bond with each other, even teaching him about love, while also forming a friendship with Zethia, knowing that she is from another world due to her limited knowledge on Ilia's own world. In the meantime, Augus and his soldiers attempts to track down Zethia and Ilia by executing a rather nefarious plan.

After seeing Augus and his soldiers destroying Zeller Forest and contaminating Lake Yuki which disturbed the mana flow that can cause dragons to become enraged, Ilia decided to form a backup plan by creating a communication interception system in order to eavesdrop Augus and his soldiers about his nefarious plan. It was then revealed that Augus orders his soldiers to intentionally provoke the dragons by destroying their habitat so that they could lure them to the capital city and destroy them with the mana bombs that he set across the city, while also intentionally hid the information from the masses about their plan. Appalled by his plan that could kill millions of people, Ilia decided to form a plan to defuse the bombs to save the masses that were in jeopardy alongside her companions.

As Ilia and co. attempted to stop Augus' plan as fast as they could, they noticed several war androids barricading the forest as Augus intentionally set them up to stop Ilia. Offering Ilia to join his side so that they could rule supreme under the pretense he would save the citizens, Ilia decided to refuse Augus' offers due to Mordecai and Zethia's concerns. This resulted in Augus getting enraged and letting the androids intentionally burning the forest, which causes the dragons that live there to become enraged and attempts to kill Ilia and her allies until their lives saved by Midgardsormr.

Seeing the horrifying things in the world Morsayati sent her to, Zethia then remembers her role to fix what was broken. As a result, Zethia decides to persuade Ilia to make a pact with the Holywyrm, Elysium, so that humankind and dragons would form a kinship together for generations to come and thus create a better future. However, Ilia declined Zethia's offer as the Holywyrm doesn't see the same things as Zethia do while also revealing the fact that the Holywyrm had an interest to make a pact with her which is rather different from Zethia's perception where humans and dragons form a bond together. In the end, the Holywyrm manages to found Ilia easier and show himself in front of her eyes.

It was then revealed that Elysium in Ilia's world was a far cry from the benevolent Elysium Zethia knows because of his desire to control all of the mana which would make all lifeforms subservient to them, while also viewing human species as nothing but immature people that spread chaos across their wake while also telling that Augus' actions would not only destroy the city, but the whole world due to the mana being set ablaze. As a result, Ilia had no choice but making a pact with Elysium, much to her chagrin, so that she could save the world and become a false god that could guide the human race.

However, after making a pact with Elysium, Ilia was then pierced with a strike of light, which causes her to be put in a coma. This resulted in Mordecai witnessing Elysium seemingly killing Ilia and as a result, his hatred got the best of him and then became a separate entity known as Morsayati, as he ended up causing a rampage across the world with his aura, not only corrupting the dragons, but also corrupting humans into fiends as well. As a result, Elysium decided to use this opportunity to restart the world anew, much to Zethia's horror, after seeing the truth and Elysium's callousness as Elysium fights against Morsayati for days, which causes several cities across the world destroyed and civilization itself to crumble.

Returning to Ilia's hideout, Ilia then regains her consciousness despite her frail physical condition and decided to let Elysium restart the world anew and found a religion for the surviving humans that could revere Elysium and reviled Morsayati as humanity need to be incorporated into the system of Elysium's role, as they were given a role to keep watch over it so that that Elysium wouldn't destroy the world and Ilia taking a personal responsibility for Morsayati/Mordecai's havoc. After regaining her senses, she decided to help Morsayati by approaching him which causes Mordecai to calm down and separate himself from Morsayati. At the same time, however, Mordecai's hatred becomes so large that it is unable to dissipate and still causes rampage across the city and the battlefield.

Augus, intrigued by Morsayati's rampage, became ecstatic and decided to control Morsayati for his own gain so that he could rule the world as a god while using his Mana Cannon that could wipe entire landscapes to weaken Morsayati. In the end, Morsayati ended up killing him while Augus dies like a fanatical lunatic. With the help of dragons, Zethia and Elysium, both Ilia and Mordecai manages to seal Morsayati for a time being as they enter the Otherworld to do so, while Elysium made a world that hinders progress to be made, turning it into a medieval realm while Meene ended up becoming heartbroken after the incident as she destroyed her wings and becomes the fake Goddess of the Ilian Church, a church that was formed to revere Ilia and Elysium while also reviling the Other and also keeping the mana in check.

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