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Villain Overview

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, born Lüge Lansarz Faubrey and later known as Trash is the secondary antagonist within the first four arcs of the Light Novel Series The Rising of the Shield Hero. This corresponds to Chapters 1 - 32 of the manga series and episodes 1 - 21 of the anime. Afterwards, his role was significantly reduced to that of a recurring minor character until Volume 11 where he underwent a character development. Trash subsequently redeemed himself and returned as a supporting protagonist for the rest of the story.

He was introduced as the King of Melromarc, although his title would later be rescinded. Aultcray is the husband of Queen Mirellia Q. Melromarc who according to tradition is the real power behind the throne. He and his wife have two daughters: Malty (the series main antagonist) and her younger sister Melty.

Aultcray is the one responsible for summoning the Cardinal Heroes to defend his country from the Waves of Calamity. Initially perceived as a kindly old gentleman, the King, like many of the citizens in Melromarc, is in-fact a human supremacist and holds a deep hatred for the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani. Unlike most of his people, however, Aultcray is not motivated by religious reasons but the experiences of his early life.

Due to this personal vendetta, the King set out to make the newly chosen Shield Hero's life as difficult and miserable as possible, hoping that Naofumi would either eventually die or be killed off during the Waves. 

He is voiced by Yutaka Nakano in Japanese version of the anime series, and by Jamieson Price in the English dubbed version.


Aultcray is a middle-aged man with the first trace of wrinkles forming on his face. He has a short grey beard, but no moustache and long shoulder-length grey hair. He appeared to be taller than Ren and Itsuki, but shorter than Motoyasu and Naofumi.

Before the loss of his status and power, Aultcray maintained a well-groomed appearance befitting of a monarch. He wore fancy purple gold-trimmed robes, to match his eyes, adorned with expensive golden buttons. Beneath this, he wore white underclothes. Many rings adorned his fingers, he also wore a golden livery collar and an ornate bejewelled crown rested on his head.

Prior to his redemption, however, Trash's appearance changed significantly. Reduced to the rank of a common soldier he was forced to wear civilian clothing, his appearance becoming noticeably more dishevelled and scruffy.

Aultcray was shown to smile affectionately in the presence of his daughters and he looked towards the favoured heroes with warmth and reverence. In contrast, he frequently scowled and looked upon Naofumi with open hostility (which the Shield Hero gladly returned). Whenever the two men met, Aultcray generally maintained an authoritative tone although he did show genuine fear on one occasion in the anime. Although the pair love each other very deeply, Aultcray is also shown to be afraid of getting on his wife's bad side.     


Despite his status as a villain, Aultcray genuinely does care about his wife and two daughters, loving all of them very dearly. Unfortunately, this affection makes him blind to the sociopathic behavior and manipulative nature of his eldest daughter, a fact that Malty frequently exploited. He also had a very strong relationship with his little sister Lucia, as it was her "abduction" that influenced his later actions and desire to protect his family. The anime highlighted this, making it clear that King Aultcray only wanted to protect his family from harm due to his past trauma and that he genuinely believed the Shield Hero was a demon. The Queen also pointed out that his idiocy might be due to a decade of peace and also because of his spoiling of his first daughter, Malty.

Although he originally hailed from the Kingdom of Faubley, a country that treated all of its citizens equally, the murder of his parents and several other relatives caused Aultcray to develop a deep hatred for Demi-Humans and Beast-Men. Whilst it is never confirmed or implied that Aultcray converted to the Church of the Three Heroes, for a considerable amount of time, he shared The Kingdom of Melromarc's human supremacist views. This hatred for Demi-Humans was also carried over to the Shield Hero. The Demi-Human's worshiped the wielder of this weapon as a living God and as if to add fuel to the fire, the previous Shield Hero (the one prior to Naofumi) was known for their kindness towards Demi-Human's. However, his wife Mirellia claims that despite his treatment of Naofumi, Aultcray used to aid anyone, no matter how much hatred he bears towards them if it brings him some benefit or debt owed to him.

Aultcray is later revealed to be a masterful tactician and extremely capable soldier. Many people, in-universe, stated that in his glory days the former King commanded a lot of respect amongst both his friends and enemies. He wielded one of the Vassal Weapons, the Staff and his mere presence was capable of turning the tide. Some have even stated that the Kingdom of Melromarc would not be in the position it is now, were it not for Aultcray. For much of the story, Aultrcray's actions seem to contradict this assessment. It would not be until the death of his wife and witnessing Malty's evil first hand that Trash would reveal just how powerful he really was and start to redeem himself.

Like almost everybody in Melromarc, Aultcray gave preferential treatment to the Spear, Bow and Sword heroes (Motoyasu, Itsuki and Ren). He treated all of them with warmth and kindness, investing large amounts of money towards their training, going out of his way to find companions for them. In accordance with an earlier promise, he made sure to reward the trio for their efforts and did everything in his power to make sure they succeeded in their quest to stop the Waves of Calamity. However, he did show the Spear Hero, Motoyasu, slightly more favoritism because his daughter Malty was in this particular heroes party.

In contrast, Aultcray's relationship with the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani was a mutually hostile one. Aultcray initially ignored Naofumi when first meeting the Cardinal Heroes, but the Shield Hero still spoke kindly to him thinking this was just an oversight. After realizing that the King was involved in Malty's setup, however, the Shield Hero fully returned Aultcray's loathing. The King would continue to misuse his power in the hopes that Naofumi would either die because of his lack of experience, during the Waves or if necessary could be killed by the other heroes. He also crossed the line by threatening Naofumi with the life of Raphtalia and Filo, causing Naofumi's rage before he challenged the King. To illustrate his hatred, Naofumi refused to address Aultcray by his name or title and instead referred to him by the degrading title of "Trash".

When the King was eventually deposed Naofumi felt no sympathy for him, and under the Queen's authority had Aultcray's name legally changed to that humiliating nickname. The pair's relationship remained one of dislike, the former King still blaming Naofumi for his own downfall. This all changed when Trash underwent his redemption after learning about the existence of his sister's children and the death of his wife at the hands of Tact Arusahorun Faubley and Malty. After witnessing his daughters actions first hand, Aultcray finally realized his mistake and renounced his prejudice. He accepted his new name and became an ally to Naofumi, intending to atone his crimes. After the start of his atonement, he slowly returned back to the wise Staff Hero figure he once was.


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  • Aultcray hates the shield hero role and by default whomever has it, due to demi-humans worshipping the shield hero from a century ago. Thus this serves as his secondary reason for unfairly putting Naofumi through hell; firstly to protect his bitchy daughter by covering up her lies.
  • In the Popularity Poll of 2019 Aultcray was ranked second last, beating Van Reichnott by only 8 votes.
    1. Naofumi Iwatani (The Shield Hero) - 24,782 votes
    2. Raphtalia - 21,088 votes
    3. Filo - 6,198 votes
    4. Erhard (the Weapons Shop Owner) - 3,850 votes
    5. Fitoria - 1,386 votes
    6. Melty Q. Melromarc - 1,149 votes
    7. Mirellia Q. Melromarc (The Queen) - 936 votes
    8. Ren Amaki (The Sword Hero) - 845 votes
    9. Glass - 695 votes
    10. The Pope - 625 votes
    11. Malty S. Melromarc (Myne) - 551 votes
    12. Itsuki Kawasumi (The Bow Hero) - 342 votes
    13. Motoyasu Kitamura (The Spear Hero) - 231 votes
    14. Aultcray Melromarc (The King) - 103 votes
    15. Van Reichnott - 95 votes
  • Aultcray could be considered as a foil to Fohl. Not only are their backstories nearly identical, being fallen nobles who were left caring for their younger sisters after being orphaned by war, but they're similar enough that Atlas mistakes Aultcray for her brother.
    • However, the loss of their younger sisters has completely different effects on them. Whereas Aultcray was driven into a hateful and vengeful racist against the Demi-Humans, Fohl adjusts to it significantly better and never acquires a hatred for demi-humans like his uncle.


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