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King Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, born Lüge Lansarz Faubrey and later known as "Trash" as a spiteful derogatory given to him by Naofumi, is the secondary antagonist in the first arcs of The Rising of the Shield Hero and a supporting hero in the following story.

He is voiced by Yutaka Nakano in Japanese version of the anime series, and by Jamieson Price in the English version.


He was the third legitimate heir to the throne of Faubley, the strongest country in this world. But then an incident came that robbed him of that privilege. That incident involved the killing of his parents and many others close to him by the Hakuko.

Luckily, Lüge and his younger sister Lucia were not there at the time, but the country of Faubley did nothing in retaliation against Siltvelt for political reasons. Because of that, Lüge began to despise both Faubley and Siltvelt. He along with his sister moved to Melromarc, which discriminated against Demi-Humans, and changed his name.

Aultcray hid the fact that he was of Royal Blood, and rushed onto the frontlines of the wars Melromarc waged. Along the way, the previous Staff Hero fought to the death with Aultcray for the right to wield it, and he began to spread his name as a Hero. At that time, due to his resourcefulness and strength, he won the heart of Mirellia Q Melromarc.

But, while Aultcray ventured off, he had left behind his sightless sister. Soon, he received word that she had disappeared with nothing left behind but a pool of blood, and was informed that a Hakuko had killed her. Aultcray's desire for revenge strengthened. This has culminated in making him a man who deeply hates demi-humans and, by association, the Shield Hero whom they worship. After many years of war, he challenged and killed the Hakuko supreme of Siltvelt, Tai Ran Ga Feon.

Later, he married into the royal family of Melromarc and had his name changed to the choice of his wife Mirellia. Roughly twenty-some years ago, when Siltvelt plotted for global domination, it was Lüge that faced them head-on, saving Melromarc and other countries as well. Thanks to him many countries exist peacefully. Rishia's family and other nobles still firmly believe that Melromarc would remain peaceful and secure as long as Aultcray was there. Mirellia also claims that despite his treatment of Naofumi, he used to aid anyone, no matter how much hatred he bears towards them if it brings him some benefit or debt owed to him.

After he and Mirellia had their first daughter, Malty, he spoiled her rotten and both became incredibly callous. Malty owes much of her arrogant and cruel tendencies to her father because she did whatever she wanted with no consequences and punished those she victimized if they took any form of action about it. Seeing this, his wife took their second daughter under her wing to prevent this same kind of failed upbringing. This peaceful time finally clouded his way of seeing things and was easily manipulated.


When he was younger, King Aultcray was the Staff Hero, one of the Vassal Wielders, and was renowned for his intellegence and wisdom as a wise king. However, he always had prejudice against demi-humans due to the loss of his sister, and such a feeling eventually deviated upon the Shield Hero, who was believed to be a protector to the demi-human race.

This kind of hatred, dark emotions and prejudice eventually drove him into the dark side and blinded his rationality as he aged. Plus the manipulation by his eldest daughter, Malty Melromarc, and the Church of the Three Heroes, the aged Aultcray succumbed to the darkness and became a wrathful, callous, vindictive, incompetent and cynical tyrant that was far cry from his original reasonable figure. The Queen also pointed out that his idiocy might be due to a decade of peace and also because of his spoiling of his first daughter, Malty.

After summoning the Four Heroes to protect his world from the Waves, Aultcray showed great comtempt against Naofumi, the Shield Hero, and this distrust grew into hatred after Malty's false claim that Naofumi raped her. He also crossed the line by threatening Naofumi with the life of Raphtalia and Filo, causing Naofumi's rage before he challenged the King. The anime added several details that King Aultcray tried to protect his family from harm due to his past trauma, believing the Shield Hero had became a demon.

Nevertheless, in spite of the hateful things Aultcray did, he was deep down a protective man who cared about his family, even though he had gone too far that his protective attitude could not become an excuse. Even Melty, who once held high regards over her father, had become distrustful to him once his dark plans was revealed.

After his defeat, Aultcray was originally vindictive when Naofumi and the Queen had stripped him from his royal status and renamed him as Trash. However, after the death of his wife at the hand of Tact Arusahorun Faubley and Malty, Aultcray had finally realized his mistake and his prejudice. He later accepted his new name, becoming an ally to Naofumi in order to atone his crimes. After the start of his atonement, he slowly returned back to the wise Staff Hero figure he once was.


  • Aultcray could be considered as a foil to to Fohl. Not only are their backstories nearly identical, being fallen nobles who were left caring for their younger sisters after being orphaned by war, but they're similar enough that Atlas mistakes Aultcray for her brother.
    • However, the loss of their younger sisters have completely different effects on them. Whereas Aultcray was driven into a hateful and vengeful racist against the Demi-Humans, Fohl adjusts to it significantly better and never acquires a hatred for humans like his uncle.


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