Aunt Agatha Double Double Toil and Trouble

Aunt Agatha

Oh I love Halloween!
~ Aunt Agatha

Aunt Agatha is the main antagonist of the TV film Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. She is the evil twin sister of the good Aunt Sophia (who spends most of her scenes trapped inside a mirror). She is the aunt of Christine Farmer, the mother of the two protagonists, Kelly and Lynn Farmer. It isn't known whether Aunt Sophia, the good twin, is also Christine's aunt, or if she is her mother.

She was portrayed by Cloris Leachman as an adult who also played her twin sister Aunt Sophia, and by Ashley Olsen as a child.


According to a grave-digger, when Aunt Sophia and Aunt Agatha were kids (and played respectively by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who also played the respective protagonists, Kelly and Lynn Farmer), they were tired of being twins, and they went to look for the Moon Stone. Agatha found it, but lied to Sophia about it (while hiding it) and used the stone's possessed power to make Sophia miserable.

Years later, Sophia becomes engaged to a man named George. Enraged and Jealous, Agatha casts her sister into a netherworld (in a mirror which Agatha keeps hidden in the attic, which was the only way for her to communicate or link to the outside world). Upon the 7th year, on Halloween, if the spell wasn't broken and there was no return for Sophia, she'd be stuck in the netherworld forever.

Aunt Agatha (as an old lady) is first shown in the same house (which once belonged to a witch who hid the moonstone before she was burned 200 years before Agatha found the moonstone and hid it as a child), being asked by Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, but she refuses.

Fearing that the twins will find the mirror and undo her evil ways, Aunt Agatha tries to stop them. Knowing that the power of twins is combined is superior to her own, she attempts to poison them with jealousy, in hopes that Lynn will betray Kelly, but Lynn refuses. The twins use the power of love and loyalty to free Aunt Sophia. Aunt Agatha tries to shove her back in, only to end up falling into the mirror herself, and she is doomed to the netherworld after the mirror breaks (as time runs out).

Later, when the twins are cleaning up the shattered mirror pieces in the attic, they find Aunt Agatha in one of them, and she asks for help, but they refuse and throw the pieces away. As the twins leave the attic, she ends the movie by shouting "I HATE HALLOWEEN"!.

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