Well, ain't we a pair, raggedy man?
~ Aunty Entity

Aunty Entity is the main antagonist of the 1985 movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. She is the Amazon ruler of Bartertown, who rules with an iron fist.

She was portrayed by Tina Turner.



Aunty Entity was a ruthless ruler of a post-apocalyptic town known as Bartertown. She was an Amazon-like woman who ruled with an iron-fist but found herself being challenged by Master Blaster.  Aunty Entity is enraged at this but is unable to publicly oppose the duo of "Master Blaster" due to Master being the only one who knows how to work all the machines that keep Bartertown running.

Meeting Mad Max

To this end the she manipulates "Mad" Max into a gladiatorial battle (known as the "Thunderdome") against Blaster with hopes Max will kill him, a convenient means of exacting political assassination without being caught.

Max manages to defeat "Master Blaster" in combat but refuses to kill him when he realizes after knocking his helmet off, that he suffers from mental retardation- Aunty Entity is enraged and has Blaster executed before invoking the harsh law of "bust a deal, face the wheel" upon Max.

This ritual puts punishment at the hands of chance - much like a wheel-of-fortune as it is equipped with an arrow that will eventually stop at a number of punishments: Death, Hard Labour, Acquittal, Gulag, Aunty's Choice, Spin Again, Forfeit Goods, Underworld, Amputation, and Life Imprisonment. Max receives Gulag and is then exiled.

Max returns to the outskirts of Bartertown with a group of children and together they go in search of Master, the dwarfish Master has been reduced to little more than a slave by Aunty Entity due to the death of his protector, Blaster - Max and the children free him. Bartertown's methane factory becomes damaged and explodes.

Final Battle

Aunty leads the inhabitants in pursuit of Max and his band, catching up to the train. Max's group slows them down while Scrooloose hijacks one of the pursuing vehicles, which happens to be Max's stolen vehicle. The group comes across Jedediah and his son, and Max coerces Jedediah into helping his group escape with their aeroplane. After a lengthy chase, Max uses his vehicle to clear a path through Aunty's men, allowing the aeroplane to take off and escape, leaving him at Aunty's mercy. However, having come to respect Max and realizing that she lost Master for good and killing Max would not change anything, she ultimately lets him go.


  • Jane Fonda was considered for the role of Aunty Entity before Tina Turner was cast.
    • Turner is also the first American to play an antagonist in the franchise.
  • In additon to playing Aunty Entity, Turner also provided the two main songs that became hit singles for the film.
  • Tina Turner is billed as "Aunty Entity", but nowhere in the film does anyone call her that. She's always referred to as just Aunty.
  • Tina Turner had to shave her head for her wig to fit properly. She reportedly had no problem with that.
  • The script called for Aunty Entity to drive a vehicle. All of the vehicles were built using manual transmissions, which Tina Turner couldn't drive, so a car equipped with an automatic transmission had to be constructed.
  • Aunty Entity is referred to as a "Dominatrix" according to the DVD case.
  • Aunty Entity's steel mail dress weighed more than 121 pounds (55 kilograms).
  • It's unclear why Aunty Entity didn't kill Max at the end of the movie: Entity may have let him live out of respect as survivors of the nuclear war.


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