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Hey, you! I'm looking for someone!
~ Aureola's introduction.

Aureola Probe, née Svelte, is a character from the Amateur Surgeon games, and Alan Probe's love interest.


Aureola is seen as a young woman with long, brown hair with a green headband. She wears a green dress and heels. As an old woman, her hair turns white, and her clothes are similar to when she was younger, only black instead of green.


Aureola is seen as a rude woman who has a very short temper, and seems to not care what happens to others as long as she gets her revenge. Despite that, deep down, she's a broken little girl who had chosen revenge to cope with her parents' tragic deaths. It's implied she mellows out at the end of the game.



When she was younger, she lost her parents in The Old Hospital Incident, in which many people died due to strange circumstances. She soon identified Dwayne Pipe as her parents' murderer, making him to exile himself. After that, she has been attacking criminals to bring the killer down.

Amateur Surgeon

After Alan operated om Horrace, she appeared asking for someone. He fell for her at first sight, but she ignored him, claiming she was searching for "the doctor" (Implied to be Dr. Bleed). She appeared again in Act 2, when she berated Alan for "undoing" her work (healing the criminals she attacked). Bleed recognized her as the daughter of two of his patients, and thought he was the one responsible of all her misery. In the Old Hospital, she appeared after Alan extirpates a bomb from Guts that she herself placed. Bleed decided to confess to her he operated on her parents. However, she pointed out the real murderer, Dwayne, who appeared at the scene. She was hit afterwards by a partially-defused bomb, causing Alan to operate on her. After all things were cleared, Alan saved her from going to jail by pinning her crimes on Dwayne acknowledging that, even if she committed the crimes, Dwayne was the one who started everything and deserved that fate more. At the end of the game, she falls for Alan and marries him, having a happy ending.

Amateur Surgeon 2

In the sequel, she's now a 70-year-old woman. She hasn't seen her husband since he was made (forcibly) internal in the nursing home, and Bradley implies that she (along with the rest of Alan's family) was worried about him and his whereabouts. At the end of the game, she reunites with her husband again, and the married couple were seen holding hands, standing in front of Dr. Bleed's grave.


  • Aureola gets barely mentioned in the sequel games.
  • She fell in love and married Alan after the events of the first game.
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