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Zackly... just you wait... your blood is the blood of slaves. The flesh and blood of us in the nobility is different... you'll lose your memories soon enough. You'll even forget how to defecate...
~ Aurille threatening Zackly that the royal government can retain their power.

Aurille is an antagonist of Attack on Titan and one of the four main members of the royal government. He was eventually imprisoned by the military after the coup d'etat.


Aurille appears to be a short stout man, with short and clean brown hair. He has strained wrinkles around his mouth, eyes and forehead making him look tensed and weary. He wears profligate clothing commonly seen in the nobility class.



At some point in his life, Aurille became one of the four main members from the Royal Government's Council. He would be responsible for making the most important decisions and keep the general populace comfortable.

Despite the number of lives that depended on him, Aurille would often abuse his powers to keep himself and the rest of the nobilty at the top. Having no issues with corruption or having a large gap between poor and rich, because he felt that if the population wouldn’t suspect that they aren't being treated in the best of ways, he wouldn't be overthrown.

This dappling in subterfuge would continue for many years to come and found its peak at the year 845.


Fall of Wall Maria

After the titans broke trough Wall Maria a large number of refugees came flooding into Wall Rose. Aurille and the other members of the Royal Government decided that these refugees were going to work on the lands as an effort to boost up food rations.

The cold and Harsh ground unfortunately raised nothing and as the resources dwindled, Aurille and his colleagues made a plan to get rid of this problem. The Operation to reclaim Wall Maria was a mission were the majority of the refugees had to go back to Wall Maria, fight the titans and reclaim back the land. The mission was a complete disaster; from the around 200.000 people who were send out, barely 200 people came back alive. Although after the operation it became clear what Aurille's intentions were. He simply wanted to shorten the amount of refugees so there were less mouths to feed.

The loss sustained by the mission would cost the Wall's inhabitants one fifth of the population.


Aurille is a cruel and selfish man who makes his living leeching from unfair and egotistic power hierarchy systems. His only attentions go to what benefits him and only him, never seeming to care about the comfort of the general population. When Wall Maria got invaded by titans he along with the other members of the royal government announced an operation to retake Wall Maria. Of the over two hundred thousand refugees from Wall Maria send out to retake their land, only around two hundred came back. It was believed that the operation was simply a disaster, but the majority of the wall's citizens knew that the government purposely send those people to their deaths, so that there were less mouths to feed. This shows Aurille's selfishness because he alongside the rest of the nobility live luxurious lives in the safety of the interior, owning large portions of land and having easy access to food.

We would see him attempting this action again, as after being misled to believe that Wall Rose has fallen and refugees are trying to get into Wall Sina. Out of fear that the food rations would deplete within a week and the idea of him loosing parts of his extravagant lifestyle, he decides that the gates should be closed. The refugees would be forced to die outside Wall Sina, simply because he cares more about his own costs then the lives of others and fundamentally anything else.


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