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...Darkness coming.
~ Aurora Unit 313

Aurora Unit 313 is an antagonist in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, appearing as the final boss of the game and the series overall.

The unit is an organic supercomputer that was created by scientists of the Galactic Federation, and was later stolen by the Space Pirates and used by Dark Samus on the planet Phaaze, the source of all Phazon.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Along with the other Aurora Units, AU 313 was constructed at least 20 years prior to the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, by the Galactic Federation.

During the events of Corruption, Aurora Unit 313 and the other Aurora Units had become corrupted by a Phazon-based virus, which was thought to be caused by the Space Pirates. The Space Pirates had soon attack the G.F.S. Valhalla, the ship that carried AU 313, hoping to steal the unit from the Federation, which had been taken to the planet Phaaze, where it would be used by Dark Samus as a way to spread Phazon across the galaxy and soon the universe. Dark Samus and the Space Pirates kept the unit in the heart of the planet, where it gained the ability to control the planet and the production of Phazon.

After destroying the Leviathans on the planets Elysia, Bryyo, and the one on the Pirate Homeworld, which were planets targeted by Dark Samus, Samus Aran traveled through a Leviathan wormhole that led her to the Phazon planet.

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