If the sssky above Sssniflhiem are to once more dance with fire, then firssst I must feassst!
~ Auroral Serpent before encounter The Luminary.

Auroral Serpent(魔竜ネドラ,Evil Dragon Nedora in Japanese)​​ is a minor antagonist in Dragon Quest XI. He is an ancient dragon that is sealed away in an ice lake long time ago.

He is voiced by Takaya Hashi in the Japanese version,Martin Wenner in English version.Takaya also voiced Great Shinobi Owl in Sekrio series.


Before the event of the game, the original Luminary sealed Calasmos's minion, Auroral Serpent, away in an ice lake.

After the fall of Yggdrasil, Auroral Serpent break frees and roams around. But not yet regain his full power.

When the Luminary goes to Arboia to look for their remaining party members, they are ambushed by the hungry Auroral Serpent, although it seems like they defeated the serpent after a battle. He suddenly give out a paralysing breath and paralyzed the party. Luckily, before Auroral Serpent can feast, Serena uses her lyre to stuns him and summoned some violent wind to ambush Auroral Serpent, killing him for good.

In the World of Lost Time, after the rebirth of Calasmos, Auroral Serpent breaks free and immediately regain his ture power, Queen Frysabel asks the Luminary to help her to defeat the dragon since Auroral Serpent has attacked Sniflhiem long time ago. The Luminary than battle the dragon and ultimately slain him.


Grrraahhh!!!!Our are Evil Dragon Nedora,who being seal into ice lake since the ancient time!with the long wait reawaken of my master,have also make me regain the power I lost!Now I must try to clean the humiliation,of being sealin' away by Erdwin'hand!Hero!Prepare to DIIEEEEE!!!!!
~ Nedora'original Japanese conversation before encounter the Luminary in the World of Lost Time.


Auroral Serpent is a black Chinese dragon that has yellow horns. When strengthed by Calasmos, his eyes glow green.



  • In English version,Nedora sound a bit animalitic whenever speak,in Japanese version however,this never happen.


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