Ausras and Dismas are two incredibly powerful modern-age villains debuting in 2016 as part of the Green Lantern sector of DC lore, while the pair are separate entities, their goals where almost identical.


Thousands of years ago a being known as Marinel and the rest of her species realized that their universe was dying and convinced a sentient planet to help them and they built a city on it called Perduron.

The planet traveled the cosmos offering sanctuary to any beings who still survived, Marinel outlived the last of her race and continued to rule the city benevolently until she came across the beings known as Ausras and Dismas.

At first they appeared as friends, aiding Marinel, but then the planet began to wither and they convinced its citizens that Marinel was to blame and cast her out.

Marinel had recognized the truth of them, they were not guardians but monsters, the old ones of the universe, world eaters that pick the bones of a universe clean before moving on to the next - faced with such terrible foes it was inevitable the two destroyers would run afoul of the Green Lantern.

Powers and Abilities

Ausras has superhuman strength, durability and endurance, in her natural form she is a giant tentacled monster and can also assume the form of a 30 foot tall human female.

Ausras' tentacles are able to drain the life force of individuals in order to add it to her own and she has survived many universes life spans and is essentially immortal, having no need to breathe or eat.

Ausras is able to control the minds of individuals she has contact with and is capable of flight.

Dismas displays much the same abilities as Ausras minus mind-control.

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